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Ecology System: Conclusion For The Rapid Biodiversity Assessment (Lab Report Sample)


This lab needs to write "how ecology system change with different environment". During the class, we have went to a swampland, and then we used a square stand and placed it randomly in this swampland, and the to record how many species are there in this place.
Totally 3 area, the first area is close to the dry land, one is the farthest from the dry land and the third one is in the moist place middle of the swampland (wet ground).
I will upload a chart, it has a detail data. This lab needs to write few parts.
1. introduce about this lab
2. purpose
3. hypothesis
4. materials + methods
5. result
6. conclusion
7. discussion
Totally write in 1 page would be enough, doesn't includes the chart. It is mainly comparing the numbers of the spices in these three different areas, and the differences of spices. And then make a conclusion about how environment changes the ecology system.


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Conclusion for the Rapid Biodiversity Assessment
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April 25, 2017
In the experiment that we did, we found out that in Area 1, the average number of Periwinkles (pw) is higher in the region close to the land. However, in areas 2 and 3, the total average of the pw is higher as the area gets a lot closer to the wet land as compared to the dry lands. In terms of the Spartina A. species, we were able to find high populations in medium wet lands, which averaged around 25, while the high wet lands only produced an average of 2.5. However, we were not able to find the same species in the low drylands. This is not surpr...
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