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2017 BIO130 Lab Report 01 Assignment: Biology Worksheet (Lab Report Sample)


Instructions are on the lab report paper, please do complete it in 24 hrs! thank you

2017 BIO130 Lab Report 01 Worksheet
100 points possible
Due at the start of class during week of Feb 20 – 24.
Name (typed) Student Number:
This is being provided as a MS-Word file. Please type your responses to the questions below. Often a few words or a single sentence is sufficient for full credit. Please do not use more than three sentences in any response.
1. Why are G – C hydrogen bonds in DNA harder to break than A – T hydrogen bonds? (10 points)
-The main reason why GC base pairs are much stronger than AT base pairs is because of the number of Hydrogen bonds that contributes to their stability. As a rule, the more Hydrogen bonds, the stronger. And thus, GC bonds which have 3 H+ bonds are more stronger than AT bonds which only have 2 H+.
2. Does ‘euchromatin’ contain more genes than ‘heterochromatin’ (yes or no)? (10 points)
-No, euchromatin contains less DNA than heterochromatin
3. Is the human genome made up of more ‘euchromatin’ or ‘heterochromatin’? (10 poin...
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