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An Experiment to Demonstrate the Impact of Inattention Blindness on Humans Minds' Vision and Awareness Ability (Lab Report Sample)


The Human Mind
AT1: Lab Report Introduction
Contribution to your final grade: 15%
Word count: 900 (Note that there is a 10% leeway, so that you can go up to 990 words MAX. Any more than 990 words and you will get a penalty. The word count INCLUDES in-text references).
Required readings:
Simons, D. J. (2010). Monkeying around with gorillas in our midst: familiarity with an inattentional-blindness task does not improve the detection of unexpected events. i-Perception, 1, 3-6. doi:
Hyman, I. E. (2016). Unaware observers: The impact of inattentional blindness on walkers, drivers, and eyewitnesses. Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 5, 264-269. doi: 10.1016/j.jarmac.2016.06.011
Your task:
Write the introduction to your lab report. Start with a general opening statement that introduces the reader to the topic. Describe the background research to the current experiment. Also make sure that you include definitions of all key terms.
State the link between the past research and the current research; how does the current experiment build on the past findings? Include the aim and hypotheses of the current experiment, and make sure that they logically follow on from the information described in the introduction.
Your introduction should be well-structured and all formatting should APA style (see for more information). Please spell-check your work before submitting.
Please note that writing your Lab Report introduction will be covered in more detail in the Week 2 Seminar.
Good luck!


Human Mind Lab Report
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An Experiment to Demonstrate the Impact of Inattention Blindness on Humans Minds' Vision and Awareness Ability
Imagine you are in an airport situation waiting for an old friend who has been abroad for almost a decade. Standing at the airport's terminal waiting for your long-time friend to emerge from the crowd of arriving travelers can be difficult since you are not sure of your friend's appearance after 10 years. Therefore, you will be obliged to be scrutinize careful on each passengers passing to identify any familiar expressions or signal. At this juncture, you are likely to miss any other drama or event that might transpire in your visual field since all of your attention is placed the arrival of the friend and not expecting anything to happen in the background. On the event when one is informed on what to expect, for example a back flip in the crowd of passengers, they will focus much on the expected event hence overlooking any of the succeeding events because familiarity or notification expected does not improve detection of unexpected events. The evidences surrounding this scenario is called international which was established through experimental approaches that were conducted by Arien Mack and Irvin Rock in 1992. Inattention blindness is defined as as psychological phenomenon whereby an individual fails to see or notice events or motions on sight because they had placed more attention on something else, and the the other occurrences are unexpected.
Caters, Chalmers and Ledda (2002) attempted to demonstrated the inattention blindness phenomenon using the eye tracking applications from a computer graphics perspectives. The partakers were asked to focus on a cup appearing on a non-moving computer and count the number of pencils inside (Caters, Chalmers, & Ledda, 2012). While counting pencils, the graphics on the background of the screen were varied from between high and low quality. The eye tracking device revealed that 60% of the participants failed to notice the quality variation of the screen graphics because they mainly dwell on counting the pencil in the cup (Caters, Chalmers

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