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Concert Report Writing: University Symphonic Winds (Lab Report Sample)


Concert Report Writing: University Symphonic Winds


Concept Report
Concept Report
For this concert report I went to auburn University Symphonic Winds, where the US Army Herald Trumpets. The concert was held on 4th of October 2017, Wednesday at 7:30 PM. At the start of the concert, the entire hall was silent for a moment and then the national anthem was initiated. This was led by John Stafford Smith alongside Paul Murtha.
The concert started with the festival over tune; which began with quietly as the trumpets hummed in unison. Then the bass instruments came in much slowly and created a seamless sync with the rest of the trumpets that were now picking up tempo ("The Academic Festival Overture - Brahms's Musical Booze-Up", 2017). This created a shift in the mood as the music progressed; with the pace now having picked up and the intensity much higher with fugue-like ingresses.
After the over tune, there

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