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Titration (Lab Report Sample)


Prepare a report that describes what a titration is, and how the concentration of commercially available vinegar is determined against a known volume of sodium hydroxide. In your report, be sure to describe: (a) what a burette is and how it is used in a titration (what is it used to measure?) (b) what an indicator is and why it is used (c) what tips are introduced regarding carrying out a successful titration (d) the specific types of calculations used in every titration. How did they determine the number of moles of NaOH that reacted with acid? How did they determined the number of moles of acid that reacted with NaOH? How did they then determine the concentration (in molarity, M) of the acid? (e) why the balanced chemical equation for the reaction you are performing is so important. Why do we need it with respect to our calculations? Finally, at the end of your report, define the following terms (a) burette (b) end point (c) titration (d) hydrogen ion (e) hydroxide ion (f) neutralization reaction (g) molarity (h) pH (i) titration curve

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