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Rouge River Valley Clast Fabric Analysis Assignment (Lab Report Sample)


please see the detail Lab instruction on one of the attachment that I uploaded (Geog3510-Lab3-Problem). In the lab instruction it stated "The objective is to produce a statement of problem to solve either a slope or glacial problem using the FOUR PDF's sent via email......" I have also upload the 4 pdf documents that was stated in the instructions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. (I really need to get a high marks on this lab. THANK YOU)

Plots taken from image on p. 61 (Fig. 4.5). The grains appear to comprise two subpopulations—upper and lower—and may have been emplaced by fluids moving from above or from the left.  As an illustration of fabric measurement consider that the view is of an oriented block looking into the glacial section so that up is to the top of the image, hence, north. Asimuthal plots are made on a polar diagram shown above, inclinations increasing toward the pole (center of the diagram). Thus, the upper subpopulation is ordered around 0 to 045 azimuth with high inclination and the lower subpopulation is centered about and E-W azimuth with lower inclinations.  


Rouge River Valley Clast Fabric Analysis
Rouge River Valley Clast Fabric Analysis
The topographical studies and geomorphology of the upper sections of Rouge River Valley have been carried out on individual assessment to reveal results. A thorough evaluation of the different methods that caused deposits of debris such as the sloping extent have not shown the measures of fabrics in the different slopes as well as the tests on gravitational forces based on gradients of similar lithologies, moisture, and sediment contents. Therefore, the current study on clast fabric behavior applies the recently developed fabric measurement program, inclination measurements and compass azimuth using purposive samples of 50. The researcher will be taking measures of the gravitational acceleration on the slopes from >5 degrees to <25 degrees to determine slope fabric, and vector of the clasts due to their sizes. Therefore, the researcher will sort soil moisture levels, thickness and determine the effect of increased gravity on the fabrics. Secondly, the study will reveal the mechanism of clustered material concerning sediment properties and their inclinations, orientation of the clast due to a thickness to identify the source due to glacier movement.
Geomorphology gives the characteristics of slopes, their mechanical behaviors, evolution, and the influence of lithologies, structural features as well as significant controlling factors among others. Slopes on mountains exist due to mass wasting movements based on the gravitational force. Consequently, there is usually a clast formation with high fabric integrity and density with minimum contour spread (Bennett & Glasser, 2011). Separately, slopes of a mountain exhibit an angle of repos

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