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Distillation (Lab Report Sample)


Prepare a report that describes: (a) the basic concept of distillation and how and why it works. (b) the apparatus and setup for a distillation. (c) some tips for a successful distillation experiment. Also in your report, discuss a specific example of something you interact with everyday that is a result of or has come about because of the distillation process. If you cannot think of anything, at least give a specific example (not alcohol!) of a liquid that could be separated into its components through the process of distillation. Lastly, imagine that you wanted to perform a distillation at your own home, but you did not have fancy lab equipment. How could you do it? How could you improvise in terms of equipment? At the end of your report, please define the following terms: (a) bumping (b) distillation (c) fractional distillation (d) heating mantle (e) reflux (f) simple distillation (g) theoretical plates

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