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Should the public sector be run like a business? (Essay Sample)

This essay is for a Political Science class titled "Introduction to Canadian Public Administration" I just selected social sciences as a subject area because i thought it was the closest match. This essay will be 2,000 - 2, 500 words in length. All essays are to be written in formal academic style, must be fully referenced and should include a title page featuring an original title. All references must be completed in the Chicago/Turabian/CMS referencing style. Students are permitted to write their essay on any of the seminar topics outlined on the course syllabus. It is expected that your essay will specifically address the question posed in your chosen seminar topic. The seminar readings for your chosen seminar topic will be an initial starting point for your research, but at least three additional research sources should also be used. Your essay should be analytical and should develop an original thesis aimed at resolving your chosen topic question. There are other topics on my outline to choose from i just assumed this would be the easiest. source..

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Introduction 2
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In recent years, serious discussions about increasing public sector into private sector have been initiated among the social scientists. Using the term public sector and its importance to implement in private sector emerges from the national income statistics which is often considered as scientifically logical. However, the idea is still questionable.
This paper discusses the possibilities, and more importantly, the appropriateness of applying public sector into private sector as well as its effects on the society from both social and economical aspects.
Analysis and assessment
Public sector is a part of the whole national product collection which is made up of several sectors, and from a general point of view, both public sector and private sector are almost similar in this overall national product collection, making the product of economy singular. This assumption gives the idea that both public and private are equally important and productive. This makes it difficult to come to a decision about implementing public sector into private sector and justify its validity.
Government is often considered as a friendly service agency and people refer it as “our government” while talking about the services or decisions the government takes. Even the experts often refer to the term when they analyze social or economical state of the country, registering the decisions and values. Many scholars identify government as a totally different institute than any other social organization, stating that revenue and expenses are acquired by coercion instead of voluntary payment. According to Schumpeter (1942), “The theory which construes taxes on the analogy of club dues or of the purchase of the services of, say, a doctor only proves how far removed this part of the social sciences is from scientific habits of mind.”
On the contrary, people are doing things to satisfy the desires and needs of the consumers in private sector. Private sector operators and product manufactures create products to meet the requirements of the free market with the idea that the consumers will buy their products. And this is roughly the measurement of the importance of the service they offer. If a certain amount of money is spent to manufacture a specific product, the amount would be recognized as a prolific output for that product in private sector of the economy.
It is a regular fact for private sectors to adopt new technologies and innovative ideas to achieve cost saving operating efficiencies with a target to improve customer service. However, this is not a common practice among public service providers; namely, different government agencies. In fact, many of the common service practices by private sector are transferable t...
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