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Policy Memo (Essay Sample)

Instructions Imagine you are a senior US government policy adviser. The White House has asked your boss to brief them on your agency's top policy priorities. You need to develop a comprehensive policy memo that will give your boss (1) the critical background information he/she needs on the issue at hand, (2) analysis of the influence of Congress, the Judicial system, and other government agencies on the formulation and implementation of a specific policy, (3) an evaluation of the influence that interest groups, political parties and the media have on the policy at hand, (4) a set of options for your boss to consider regarding a path forward with all these political players (including pro's and con's for each option), and (5) a recommended strategy that you want your boss to present to the White House to win support for your agency's policy agenda. To recap, your memo should: - Clearly and concisely state the issue at hand - Provide a summary of the current policy context / relevant background - Analyze the influence of Congress, the Judicial system, and other agencies - Evaluate the influence of interest groups, political parties, and the media - Present a set of options for your boss to consider, include pro's and con's for each - Make a recommendation of one of those options and provide further justification for why you are saying that option is the best. Formatting Guidelines: - No cover page; put your name, student ID, and the subject line at the top with a date. - Do not exceed 5 pages! (Most senior leaders don't have time to read anything longer than a few pages.) - Use single-spaced, block paragraphs (no indenting); 12 point font. - Include citations / sources as end notes for your memo since this is an academic exercise. Follow Turabian guidelines for your citations. - At minimum, your sources should include: one book besides the text book of this course, two articles from scholarly journals (i.e. Foreign Affairs, Harvard International Review), two news articles from major periodicals (i.e. Washington Post, The New York Times, The Economist), and two primary sources (United Nations Resolutions, Congressional records, speeches). source..
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Policy Memo
It is much clear that for the new administration, has been putting more effort in the process of HIV prevention though it has been insufficient. As a result, drastic actions are urgently needed. The former administration achieved a notable success in boosting the Support of American concerning the issue of fighting against AIDS overseas. As a result, the current administration ought to pick on that note abroad while at the same time shrinking the nation’s epidemic.
It should be considered that, though the government has gained much significance in the fight against global aids with President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relieve. On contrary, this progress of eliminating the HIV epidemic within the United States boundaries has really slowed down. According to the recently published report by Center for Disease Control, in 2006, HIV infection in U.S was 40% higher as compared to the previous estimates. In addition, incidences of HIV have just remained at a similar degree for the last one decade.
During policy formation, The Congress, Executive Branch, Judiciary as well as other interested groups are usually involved. As a result, they usually affect policy formation by coming up with different proposals which might be contradicting in some cases. Government agencies might be having a particular approach to policy like Advancing Domestic priorities on HIV while at the same time, other parties might be having another approach. Policy formulation usually takes tangible outcomes; first of all, the bill will be discussed by the Congress which will then approve its adoption. The policy will only be adopted if and only legislation is passed by Congress. However, the regulation will become final or the Judiciary renders decisions in cases, (Mayhew 1974, 45).
During policy formation and implementation, there are funds which will be required; as a result, the Congress will affect financial and budgetary allocation. Though it has been argued that, much powers of controlling budgets have been removed from the hands of the congress, since the general welfare state was expanded after detachment of institutional entitlement from the Congress. But the reality is it is still the congress that that will appropriate funds for the implementation and formation of any policy.
In most cases, during policy implementation institutions other than those formulated and adopted. The statute will just provide the policy skeleton, but the real fresh will be provided by the other organizations mandated by the government. The judiciary on its part will be having no mechanism to enforce it...
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