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Non-Governmental Organizations Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


1. Each student should present a description (in your own words) of an individual nongovernmental organization's (NGO's) mission and capabilities.
2. Describe the NGO and its capabilities in your own words (paraphrase and cite). 
3. Your summary should indicate why your NGO should be considered as a friend, foe, or foil. Some NGOs play important roles in conflict resolution. Some NGOS stir up conflict. They also play important roles during the economic, social and governmental aspects of peace settlements--the kind of problems that often cause negotiated settlements to fall apart and conflicts to reemerge.

Non-Governmental Organization
Course title:
Oxfam is an international non-governmental organization whose main mission is to alleviate poverty by ensuring maximum utilization of availableresources. Oxfam believes that the world is well endowed with resources and that with proper distribution, poverty can be alleviated. For the last 15 years that the organization has been in existence, they have managed to reduce the poverty rates around the world. They believe that with continues support, they can successfully kick out poverty from the globe.
The vision of Oxfam is to see a world free of poverty where there is equitable distribution of resources. The aim is to see a narrowing gap between the rich and the poor. Oxfam believes in a holistic approach that will see an integration of all aspects including seeking political solutions.Oxfam believes that a society cannot grow when there is social or political strife.[Oxfam: Who We are. Last Modified on 1st October 2016. Accessed on 5th October 2016. /what-we-do]
Description and Capabilities
Oxfam is global in its operations and has a presence in virtually every country the world over. Their concentration is mainly on third world countries and developing countries with an aim of bringing changes (/what-we-do). So far and gauging from the activities that Oxfam has engaged in, it has the capability to transform the world and make it a better place. Offering assistanceespecially to the underdeveloped countries goes far into helping narrow the poverty gap (Watkins, p.17-25).[Watkins, Kevin, The Oxfam Poverty Report, New York: Oxfam Publishers, 2015]
Oxfam is certainly a friend and has played a significant role in societal empowerment. The organization has managed to step in where the government has not and hence has worked to complement the government in areas of great societal needs. The role of Oxfam is very crucial and can be seen as wor...
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