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Gonzalo Puente Ojea's critic to Gustavo Buenos (Essay Sample)

Creative essay, analysis, summary about Gonzalo Puente Ojea's critic to Gustavo Bueno's “materialismo filosófico”. You can check Ojea's essay here: http://www(dot)nodulo(dot)org/ec/2002/n010p15.htm . Should not paraphrase. source..

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(8, July, 2011)
Gonzalo Puente Ojea’s critic to Gustavo Buenos
Philosophical materialism of good is a part of a long scholarly tradition that has a lot of derivation from Aristotelian that have been appearing hampered by the metaphysical view through the interpretation of the otology. Matter that is a concept of transcendental (MT) is at the height of a peculiar version that emanated from Aristotle.
Well, philosophical ontology get rid of a simplistic interpretation of monistic materialism as absolute evil. It cannot be assumed the reductionist principle has taken a center stage that do not automatically create explanation of the circumstantial dynamic and evolution of each layer of matters. Materialist monism is increasingly supported and accelerated by the contemporary scientific knowledge that usually negates philosophical dualism of substances. This has been put in place by the scholastic tradition, topped by the Descartes and the dogma from the Christian community, and openly claimed the positivity of pluralism phenomenological matter. This is well thought of and makes it to be admired for the philosophical traditions of scholasticism are derived from it. It also places it in an anti-positivist and in a speculative attitude that leads to transcendental philosophy. He sits closer to the terms of precedent. Objective idealism of Kant and the constructivism that is of very high trends in philosophy of science, however influenced strongly by the Hegelian dialectic version.
According to Gustavo Buenos, the idea of matter can be understood in terms of critical process regressive. He also says that instant matter is conceived as an entity or groups of entities that are capable of being considered in them that would fall in metaphysics. In his opinion, if the positive nature is known, then, its physical constituents and the legality of its movement will help us abandon the field of speculative ideas. This is regarded in the fundamental ontological knowledge and the devote of all our efforts towards the nature of radical ontic facticity that makes the contribution of all theoretical and practical tools that offers scientific methods to observe, detect and verify the world reality. Through this endless task, it is capable of investigating facts that thematize always in the light of working hypothesis in model building and building theory. All this can be noted from the sensory and the perceptual abilities of humans. The approach is mostly idealistic and therefore, metaphysical. Understanding the concept of the transcendental as attributed to the construction of the idea of matter ontological general. This idea construct a negative regression can be understood only from the contents it portrays. However, this regression passes rights through mediation of an ego. This can be defined as the process in which an actual exercise of the r...
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