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Different Types Of Music Represent Different Cultural Groups (Essay Sample)


I already have an outline that was graded by the professor, I will upload it, just focus on the research part. You don't need to write about the art piece, I will do it myself. I have 7 sources but feel free to change them. My professor told me to focus more on "communication" and "Identity".
type-written, double-spaced format. The font should be 12 points, margins should be 1” on all sides.
the images are photocopies of my initial outline with comment. Feel free to find new sources!


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‘Final Project Outline
Music plays an integral part in human society, and there is a great variation of music. Different types of music represent different cultural groups or individuals. It can affect emotions, mood, and even behaviour. It is a powerful media that boosts communication which goes beyond language.
However, are we the only species that value music? In the animal kingdom, does music exist in other groups as well? This research is based on art, and I have created a fashion collection of data to support the claims. It will be presented as a mini portfolio, from mood board to final sketches. Music can affect and represent many things, and the idea is to find the importance or purpose of music in the animals' world and shift it into a direction that can be presented in the fashion world.
THESIS: Animals do engage with “music”. They use unique sounds to identify themselves to defend territory, attract their mating partners and warn their groups about the danger around them.
• Background Information
Music can be defined as vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. We all have heard “songs” from insects or birds or any other creatures. However, nobody could prove it scientifically because the only way to study was by ears. Due to the improvement in technology, scientists were able to build and market a machine for visible speech. Regardless of the value in 2 of 7 working with the deaf, it was enough for experts to study birdsongs. (Marler,2004, Pg1-3) By studying the sonogram, it is obvious that the variation of songs exists, just like dialects in human society. (Marler, 2004, pp.10) There are four hundred and six intervals in the thirty-eight bird songs, varies keys are used in bird songs; this is proof that birds have the same music basis as we do. (Clark, 1879, pp.213).
Other than birds, primates engage with music as well. According to Darrin, quadrumanous animals, like gibbons, have vocal organs, which allow them to “sing". As a human, we had the same ancestor as those anthropomorphous apes; it is highly possible that either the males or females or even both sexes can sing like us. (Darwin, 1871, pp.367) Some animals do engage with rhythm and melody; they can make sounds. The purpose will be discussed in the following paragraphs. Darwin, Charles. "The Descent of Man and Select3 of 7 Males who have a breeding female on their territory may be more motivated to fight; a male trying to take over territory may find it easier to move on and try his luck at a new site rather than risk a fight with a
highly motivated opponent. Their song characteristic can tell the other males that they are outstanding at fighting and is ready to defend. If a male bird indicates that he is a good fighter by singing, the other male knows he is going to lose, then both of them can avoid a serious fight. This works either honestly or by bluffing. Same as bullfrogs, during t

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