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Narrative History of the United States from 1607-1865 (Essay Sample)

Write a narrative history of the United States from 1607 to 1865 in which you reflect on what you understand to be some of the nation's most important developments. This requires that students think about such questions as: 1. What are the most important themes in U.S. history? 2. How should we think about such concepts in U.S. history as race, gender, religion, and ethnicity? 3. How should we understand the development of the relationship between the government and the governed? 4. Although this course ends at 1865, what political, cultural and social phenomena have continued to the present day that had their origins in the early history of the United States? These are questions to guide you in writing your essay. They are not a list of questions to be answered and checked off. Requirements: 1. Paper length: 1000-1250 words (4-5 pages). If you are under or over this limit you will lose points. This is intentionally specific to encourage you to edit your writing. Every word you write is not necessary. Self-editing is a crucial part of developing writing skills and is only achievable through practice. 2. Five sources must be cited in your essay. Three must be primary documents from the weekly required readings. One must be a scholarly or academic website (not Wikipedia or other encyclopedia websites). One must be from an academic journal (either online or hardcopy) 3. Citations: I am not a stickler for a certain style of citations. Many historians prefer Turabian or the Chicago Manual of Style. I have yet to meet a historian who likes the APA format and I prefer that you avoid it. All that I require is that you cite your sources. Author, Title, Date and page numbers are essential. Publisher and place of publication are important but increasingly less so. Websites have their own citation requirements. I ask that you cite the exact page of a website that you consulted and not the website as a whole. I should be able to get there without searching the whole website. I can provide the Primary Documents for citation, that you will have to write from. Language must be simple and the essay should not answer just those question as mentioned earlier. I had emailed the teacher for further detail so here it is... What you are looking for is themes in US history - like influence of religion on American culture, or the relationship between the people and the government, or development of race relations and the role slavery had in that. These types of things and many others. You have to decide what you think are the more important themes in US history. Then once you have your theme/s you need to look at specific historical events and documents that illustrate how the theme you have chosen has developed. There will be many events that you do not include because they may not be relevant to your particular theme. But you do want to include those major events that are relevant to your theme. Does that help? Let me know if you have more questions. source..

Title: Narrative History of the United States from 1607-1865
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Thesis statement
This paper provides a narrative history of the United States from 1607 to 1865 via identifying the most important themes in the United States history. It will also touch on various concepts in the U.S history such as race, gender, religion and ethnicity and how individuals understand the development of the relationship between the government and the governed. In addition to that the paper will focus on the political, cultural and social phenomena that have continued up to the present day.
No matter how American history keeps presenting individuals with new situations, it is discovered by looking back to the history even to the colonial times that U.S have met comparable limitations before .Conditions often change, population grow and shift, technology provides new resources and new demography alter the America face. However, no matter how a nation changes its always influenced by the past. The founding fathers, the puritans, the early settlers, Blacks, Native Americans, pioneer men and women among others from the recent and distant past, still speak to the Americans in clear voices about their contributions in making America a great nation in the world. Everything the Americans hope for, are rooted back to their past such as social, religious, economic development which proceeded according to particular patterns which are often intelligible when they study about their heritage. For example, the men who wrote their timeless constitution which was among the most political profound document ever presented by man .These men were acutely aware of what had happened before, thus fashioning a document that served millions of American yet unborn. This can be evidenced from the development of various acts. For example, various acts have been enacted by the government such as the Act for the Punishment of certain crimes Against the United states. The act was enacted by the senate and House of Representatives in the United States of America in the congress that was assembled. In general the acts states that, any person who will obstruct the government from performing its duty shall be punished by a fine that do not exceed five thousand dollars and also imprisoned for a term not less than six months nor exceeding five years. The Kentucky Resolution of 1798 delegated to the government the powers that reserved each state to its own governing. It also resolved that the powers not delegated to the United Sates by the existing constitution, or prohibited to it by the states are only reserved to the states respectively or to the people of that particular state. Another amendment carried out on the constitution in addition to the general principle, there was need to express declaration powers that were not delegated or reserved, as well as migration or importation of ...
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