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Colonial Society in the 18th Century Challenges imperial Control-American Independence - Americans Indians (Essay Sample)


Assignment: Reflective Question
This is your reflective question for Lesson 2.1. Follow the format laid out in Lesson 1.1 and add to your existing Word file. You will turn in your completed question set (answering all reflective questions in Units 1 and 2) prior to the midterm.
What is the Great Awakening and what effects did it have on American society?
What are the key challenges to imperial control in North America in the early to mid 18th Century?
Lecture: Imperial Wars of the 18th Century
When considering the imperial wars, remember that the battlefield gave bargaining chips to the diplomats.
The most important element of these conflicts was to win the peace. The British were the best at winning the peace (until the peace talks for the American Revolution) in the 18th century, which greatly expanded British imperial power.
What advantages did the Patriots have in the American Revolution and why did they win?
Lecture: The American Revolution
From the Declaration of Independence through Yorktown and the negotiation of peace.
Lecture Slides (No Video): Independence Declared and Won
What are the Horse and Gun frontiers? How do these frontiers influence migration in the middle of North America?
Lancaster treaty reading
Consider how looking more closely at the activities of American Indians in the 18th Century expands your understanding of the events and influences that shaped the United States. Step outside the Eurocentric viewpoint when thinking about this period
After watching Rebels and Redcoats, sit back and think about the differences between the American historical narrative of the American revolution and the British perspective evidenced in the documentary. Describe three differences you saw.
Lecture: The American Revolution
From the Declaration of Independence through Yorktown and the negotiation of peace.
Independence Declared and Won
Rebels and Redcoats - Episode 1
Rebels-and-Redcoats Episode 2
Duration: 00:49:31
As you watch these episodes, consider how point of view is important in historical analysis and how two historians may have different analyses of events. Also consider how adding in the Indian point of view, as we have done from time to time, also deepens and enriches our critical thinking as historians and critical thinkers.
This is a BBC produced documentary on the American Revolution, so it is from the British perspective. I want you to use your critical thinking skills. Compare what the British historian is saying to your textbook and the provided lecture. How is it the same? How is it different? Why do you think it differs? Here you should look at the analysis of the historian, the "what it all means" conclusions.
Remember, I assign this documentary not as a "corrective" to your text, but to provide you a perspective from the losing side. There are always at least two sides to every story. This is a very well done documentary with lots of good information on key events and individuals (a good portion of this documentary in not in dispute on either side of the Atlantic), so pay attention to the general details.


Colonial Society in the 18th Century Challenges imperial control-American Independence- Americans Indians
Colonial Society in the 18th Century Challenges imperial control-American Independence- Americans Indians
The Great Awakening was a very significant moment in American religion during the eighteenth century. It was a series of emotional religious revivals which spread through the American colonies in the late 1730s and the 1740s. It had a powerful impact and consequences for the future of America. It was a series of religious revivals that swept over the American colonies that were led by evangelical Protestant ministers. The Great Awakening was sparked by the tour of an English evangelical minister called George Whitefield. This important historical event in America was caused by New Light preachers, setting up their institutions such as schools and churches throughout the colonies. It was a great spark which led to the Revolution.[Bailyn, Bernard. The ideological origins of the American Revolution. Harvard University Press, 2017.]
The Great Awakening had several impacts on A

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