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Sexual perversion (Essay Sample)

Please write an essay 1500 words on ONE of the question below. Please note that in each of the topics below you are expected to make reference to, and to discuss, the text by Halwani Prescribed texts The prescribed textbook is: Raja Halwani, Philosophy of Love, Sex, and Marriage: An Introduction, New York and London: Routledge, 2010. and at least 4 of the recommended readings that are indicated in the relevant topic in our study program.and additional academic high level material use oxford rferencing and please write me a very high standart essay careful with plagiarism as they detect it for sure , and perfect referencing if not they let me fail :( please do again your best i would like to work again with you . Kind regards Tanya attached please find the essay instruction from the lecturrer. this is Master uni level 1.What makes an activity or a desire sexual? 2.Are there any sexual activities or desires which are inherently perverted? And what does it mean to say that they are perverted? 3.Even if minority sexual practices are not immoral, they may still be unnatural. What could be meant by this? And should we disapprove of a practice because it is unnatural? 4.Is there an inherent or morally required connection between sex and love? 5.What is the virtue of temperance, and do you agree that it is the virtue of sex and sexual desire? 6.What does 'objectification' mean in the context of sexuality? And why might it be an ethical problem? 7.What, if anything, is wrong with prostitution? And what does 'wrong' mean here? 8.What, if anything, is wrong with masturbation? And what does 'wrong' mean here? 9.What, if anything, is wrong with pornography? And what does 'wrong' mean here? 10.What, if anything, is wrong with homosexuality? And what does 'wrong' mean here? 11.What, if anything, is wrong with adultery? And what does 'wrong' mean here? 12.Should the law permit polygamy? 13.Should governments continue to forbid same-sex marriage? source..
Sexual perversion
Course title:
Sexual perversion
According to Nichols Margaret, sexual perversions are the conditions in which sexual orgasm or excitement is associated with imagery or acts that are considered abnormal within the culture. She added that the affected individual’s (pervert) sexual arousal and satisfaction depends upon a fantasy theme of an unusual object or situation, which becomes the principle focal point of his/her sexual behavior. This paper highlights the various sexual activities or desires that are inherently perverted.
Are there any sexual activities or desires which are inherently perverted? And what does it mean to say that they are perverted?
Many sexual activities and/or desires are inherently perverted, and such activities are usually condemned by the society with the exception of homosexuality, which is no longer readily condemned in recent times. According to Kristie Miller, ‘perversion’ describes the type of human behaviors that deviate from what is understood to be normal, and they are immoral acts. She continues that perversion is mostly used when describing sexual behaviors that are considered repulsive, obsessive or abnormal. Therefore, the adjective “perverted” is used to mean the sexual activities and/or desires that have been distorted or corrupted from their original course or meaning. The person who commits the sexually perverted act in most cases faces condemnation and disapproval, and that which is considered perverted is also seen as unnatural. According to Laneen Haniah, the most well known signs of sexual activities that are classified as perverted include the interference with normal social relationships, inability of resisting an impulse for the sexual act, legal consequences, the requirement of participation by under-aged persons or non-consenting individuals, and the resulting sexual dysfunction. She added that sexual perversion includes urges, fantasies ...
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