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Liner Shipping (Essay Sample)

Essay question : Explain developments in the liner shipping industry with regard to containerisation, increasing size of ships and the evolving structural changes. In your answer you should identify strategies adopted by these carriers, such as horizontal cooperation as well as vertical integration in providing their services. Tips: 1) Essay should be properly referenced i.e. sources should be appropriately acknowledged in the text. 2) please try to include a table or a chart 3) avoid plagiarism P.S., since my 1st language not English, make it simple, not complicated source..

Liner Shipping
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Liner Shipping
Liner shipping is a complex network of services that transport goods from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world at a very reasonable cost and with greater efficiency when compared to any other type of international transportation (World Shipping Council).
Benefits of Liner Shipping
Due to the complexity of the network, liner shipping has become the centre of attention of the entities that provide transportation services. There are so many benefits of liner shipping, including; low cost, efficiency, global economic engine, and low environment impact.
Low Cost
Liner shipping is the most economic way of transportation. This benefit is because of the inter-linkage of the transportation services throughout the world. Liner shipping provides efficient services at the lowest cost when contrasted with other means of transportation.
Liner shipping is the most efficient way of transportation of goods. Container ships are capable to transport up to 8,000 container and products in a single voyage, and some car carrier ships can carry up to 7,600 cars in a single voyage. On the other hand, same quantity of cargo or cars would require a large number of freight aircrafts, trucks or rail cars. Therefore, liner shipping can handle cargo much more efficiently than any other mean of transportation.
Global Economic Engine
Liner shipping acts as a bridge that connects different countries, markets and firms to execute trade at a level that was not possible previously. Due to its international acclaim, liner shipping carries one third of the value of the total global trade. Apart from efficient transportation services, liner shipping has been a source of origination of new jobs in the transportation market. Liner shipping plays its part as economic engine by generating hundreds of billions of dollar, and thus it increases the gross domestic product in countries all over the world.
Low Environmental Impact
Liner shipping is also more environmentally compatible as compared to other modes of transportation. Liner shipping is the most carbon efficient mode of transportation due to its minimal emission of exhaust gas. International Maritime Organization regulations establish standards, and also regulate standards for emissions. Apart from that, 98% of the containers used by shipping companies are recyclable.
Developments in Liner Shipping
Liner shipping has acquired so much popularity over time due to the simplicity of the service. The schedules of ships are already published along with the tariff charges, and anyone from the public can get his cargo transported through liner ships. Due to the popularity of liner shipping, there has been so much concentration in this field. Corporations are initiating their own liner shipping services along with investing in the already established organizations providin...
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