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Restaurant Service Evaluation (Essay Sample)

Write a three to four page (typed, double-spaced, 12pt font) paper describing your experience at a restaurant of your choice. Although the paper needs to address all the items below, it should be written in paragraph form, not with numbers or bullet points. 1. Name of restaurant 2. Date and meal period you visited the restaurant 3. Describe the type, style, and theme of the restaurant and service 4. Describe the atmosphere and décor of the restaurant, including items such as floor and wall coverings, type of furniture, table linens and settings, employee uniforms, background music, and any other applicable features of the restaurant. 5. Describe the food and beverage offerings of the restaurant including five to ten specific examples of each. How do the menu items reflect the type, style and theme of the restaurant? How was the food and beverage quality of the items you ordered as compared to the price? 6. Was a reservation required for your visit? If yes, were you seated promptly on arrival? 7. How busy was the restaurant? In what ways did the amount of business affect the flow/sequence of service and your overall dining experience? How long were you wait times for services like being greeted by the server, taking the order, service of food and beverage, and obtaining and paying for the guest check? 8. What were your general impressions of the service? Were employees friendly and attentive, did they have good attitudes; did they use proper body language and eye contact, etc.? 9. Describe the employees' technical competence. Did they take the order and serve and clear properly, did they have proper menu knowledge and use suggestive selling? 10. Describe any problems you had with the service and food and how the problems were handled. 11. Describe any additional characteristics of the restaurant or service that you feel are important to mention. 12. Would you return to this restaurant? Why or why not? Grading Content 50 points maximum Based on how thoroughly and insightfully you answer all questions Organization, spelling, and grammar 15 points maximum 15 pts Perfect paper 14 pts Three to five minor spelling or grammar mistakes 13 pts Five to 10 spelling or grammar mistakes 12 pts 10 to 15 spelling or grammar mistakes 11 pts 15 to 20 spelling or grammar mistakes 10 pts More than 20 spelling or grammar mistakes 5 pts Spelling, grammar and sentence structure are so poor that it is very difficult to understand the writer's main points. In addition, three points will be deducted for improper use of headings, bullet points or numbering, improper spacing or margins, or some improper paragraph structure. Five points will be deducted if paper is one, long, run-on paragraph. / References 10 points maximum 10 pts Originality/Similarity score of 5% or less 8 pts Originality/Similarity score of 6 - 10% 6 pts Originality/Similarity score of 11 – 20% 1 pts Originality/Similarity score of 21% or more 0 pts Paper not submitted to source..
RESTAURANT SERVICE EVALUATION Name: Institution: Date: Restaurant`s service evaluation is very significant for both customers and the owners. This service is supposed to be placed in all restaurants in order to know the areas that require adjustments and to allow the customers an opportunity of rating the food as well as the service provided. Numerous people perform this task to offer both bad and good feedback. There is a personal restaurant service evaluation made in Marble Arc Restaurant during a certain dinner. It was a special dinner planned with friends in order to have wonderful moments of catching up. The Marble Arc Restaurant was the most suggested spot by most people in the group and thus at around seven in the evening on the tenth day of August year two thousand and thirteen, all were seated at the restaurant. The restaurant has a fine dining set up where customers enjoy wonderful services from the well-trained hotel attendants, who ushered us to the seats reserved for us, before bringing some free refreshments and politely handing the menu of the delicacies available. The services and meals offered are quite high but not regrettable since they are qualified and the treatment is overwhelming. Marble Arc Restaurant`s main theme is Italian meals, seafood, white meat and vegetarian meals as well as other luring offers like desserts, salad and salmon, among others. The meals provided are not only tasty but also very classy and its presentation to the table is very satisfying. The restaurant can be described as a classic one with excellent customer service. The waiters are strategically located at several spots where they are able to view several tables for the purpose of any customer need. They would respond with a nod and an extended smile that warms the hearts of customers before approaching the table. The first glance of the restaurant`s set up is breathtaking as the decoration is exciting and very welcoming. The tables are amazingly covered with cream linen table clothes that are perfectly designed with beautiful pattern in the middle of the table. Moreover, some folks, spoons and the dining soviets are on each table as well as the menu of the meals. The floor is made of some sort of reflecting tiles with patterns that resembles different types of roc...
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