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Hospitality Service assignment: Experience at Hilton Hotel (Essay Sample)

Write a three to four page (typed, double-spaced, 12 pt font) paper describing your experience at any type of hospitality property, other than a restaurant. This could be a hotel, resort, casino, bar or nightclub (without foodservice), show, tourist attraction, or special event. You do not need to actually book a room at a hotel or casino. You could just visit the property and use services like valet parking, having a drink in the bar, gambling, talking with the concierge, or asking directions of an employee. You should have encounters with at least three service employees. Although the paper needs to address all the items below, it should be written in paragraph form, not with numbers or bullet points. 1. Name of establishment or event. 2. Date and time you visited the establishment or attended the event 3. Describe the type, style, and theme of the establishment or event. 4. Describe the services offered at the establishment or event. 5. Describe the atmosphere and décor of the establishment event. 6. Was a reservation or advance ticket purchase required for your visit? If yes, was it recognized and handled correctly upon arrival? 7. How busy was the establishment? In what ways did the amount of business affect the flow/sequence of service and your overall experience? How long were you wait times for services? 8. What services did you use? What employees were involved with the services? 9. What were your general impressions of the service? Were employees friendly and attentive, did they have good attitudes; did they use proper body language and eye contact, etc.? 10. Describe the employees' technical competence and product knowledge. 11. Describe any problems you had with the services used and how the problems were handled. 12. Describe any additional characteristics of the establishment or event that you feel are important to mention. 13. Would you return to this establishment or event? Why or why not? Grading Content 50 points maximum Based on how thoroughly and insightfully you answer all questions Organization, spelling, and grammar 15 points maximum 15 pts Perfect paper 14 pts Three to five minor spelling or grammar mistakes 13 pts Five to 10 spelling or grammar mistakes 12 pts 10 to 15 spelling or grammar mistakes 11 pts 15 to 20 spelling or grammar mistakes 10 pts More than 20 spelling or grammar mistakes 5 pts Spelling, grammar and sentence structure are so poor that it is very difficult to understand the writer's main points In addition, three points will be deducted for improper use of headings, bullet points or numbering, improper spacing or margins, or some improper paragraph structure. Five points will be deducted if paper is one, long, run-on paragraph. / References 10 points maximum 10 pts Originality/Similarity score of 5% or less 8 pts Originality/Similarity score of 6 - 10% 6 pts Originality/Similarity score of 11 – 20% 1 pts Originality/Similarity score of 21% or more 0 pts Paper not submitted to source..

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Experience at Hilton Hotel
I'm sure that most people have been to a hospitality property one time or another; these places can be awesome but at times they can be annoying, all this depend on service delivery at the establishment. I had a chance to visit the Hilton hotel during the weekend for lunch. I had been planning to meet a client who had an appealing business deal for me and I had not yet decided which place to hold the meeting. I came across an advertisement that recommended the Hilton Hotel, I settled for that and also wanted to prove if it would be as advertised.
Hilton hotel has an architecture design that is quite amazing from the outside look; its exterior décor is impressive as it is flavored well to my taste. The tables, chairs and the hotel's setting made me give it an 8 out of a 10 rank. The hotel is strategically placed as it offers an iconic view of most part of the city. It is also a landmark and a form of beautification of the surrounding; furthermore, it is located advantageously for it to host big events including weddings, conferences, dinner parties and even seminars. Its location is also ideal for non-smokers as all the surroundings are smoking free zones; this means that the management is well aware of their clients' needs and look after their health.
The hotel offers a variety of services. Indeed, the main services are encompassed in the lodging and dining facilities. The hotel features bars and restaurants. A variety of cuisines are offered at the hotel ranging from African, American to European cuisines. Recreation facilities in the hotel include health clubs with aerobic training, massages that are therapeutic and sauna treatments. In addition, there are also conferencing facilities that are convenient for large business meetings. The whole hotel has wireless internet that is accessible by all the clients.
At Hilton, not all visits require reservations. In some instances, one can just enter the hotel, dine and get out without prior planning; however, my visit required reservation as I had to reserve a table for my client. Hilton has reservation policies that enable a client to save up to 20% of their rates; wha...
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