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Advances in technology Technology Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Write an argumentative essay arguing about the positive effects on technology. In your response, be sure to mention why it is not a problem for car repair shops if cars have a lot of technology because they can basically just buy the needed equipment by taking out a loan whatsoever. Also, that techonology gives us safety and does not make our bosses spy on us with security cameras. throw in moany more arguments you can find


Advances in Technology
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Advances in Technology
Technology is essential in people’s lives and make them carry out their daily activities efficiently, effectively, comfortably, correctly, accurately, and faster. For example, the new car models manufactured using the current technologies improve drivers’ experience and safety. Moreover, closed-circuit television or video surveillance makes individuals feel safe at the workplace and home since it monitors everything taking place and record it for reference. As such, technology has various positive effects on humans, which will be the primary focus of this paper.
Manufacturers ensure that they provide relevant spare parts for the repair of surveillance cameras and cars made using the current technology. Currently, car owners do not fear purchasing vehicles with the latest technology since it is no longer difficult to get various repair parts when the need arises. The Internet has brought automotive industries closer to their clients. Today, it is possible for companies to keep in touch with their customers and offer them products and services they require. For instance, one can order a particular part from the company’s website where the commodity is delivered to a location specified by the buyer.

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