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Physical World Knowledge for a Better Future Social Sciences Essay Response Paper (Essay Sample)


Condorcet produced one of the great panegyrics to the optimistic spirit that pervades the Enlightenment period. His detractors thought him hopelessly naïve, and his admirers saw him as a visionary. Condorcet imagined that knowledge of the physical world, in terms of physics, chemistry, biology and math, would also produce a better moral world—one that would leverage knowledge of psychology, sociology and history to produce a world that would better meet our demand for justice.
I would like you to think of the future, say a 100 years from now, and then say whether you are optimistic or pessimistic about that world being “better” than our current world. You will most likely tend to be optimistic about some things and pessimistic about others, but taking as much as you can into account try to come down on either ‘pessimism’ or ‘optimism’.


Physical World Knowledge for a Better Future
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Physical World Knowledge for a Better Future
Due to the rapid growth and advancements in the world involving new ideas and technologies, it is vital to be visionary and anticipate for the betterment of the world’s future. Moreover, the future livelihood and existence depend on the plans made in the current world, including the incorporation of the solid knowledge to create an admirable future of appropriate morals. The world has always yearned for justice. However, due to the constraints such as the lack of knowledge for the physical world, including Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Math that may enlighten the world to have an understanding of psychology, sociology, and history, it has been deemed unattainable (Mihardi, 2015).
Physics knowledge is significant in contributing to society’s understanding of areas such as energy, weather, medical science, and space exploration. The acquiring of this knowledge is vital for the positive improvement of the world’s future since it helps in detecting problems related to environmental science and build systems that are favorable for the environment such as the use of solar power technology. Furthermore, senior physics students take their curriculum to the next level by teaching social justice. 

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