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Definition of Racism Social Sciences Essay Research (Essay Sample)


You earn check-marks on the essay by correctly incorporating concepts and examples into your argument. Complete answers need incorporate (a) the names of the concepts being
discussed, (b) a definition of those concepts, and (c) examples of those concepts that relate to the
essay topic. The list of concepts from the syllabus is only a partial list of the concepts that can be used in the essays. Each correct definition earns one-half check mark. Each correct example that supports your argument earns one-half check mark. See the rubric for the number of check marks needed to earn an A, B, C, D, or F.
Include a strong thesis sentence that succinctly answers the question. Write an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Use short paragraphs to organize your argument,and ensure that each paragraph has a topic sentence. Again, 2 of the following questions will appear on the exam. You will choose 1 of them to
5. There are at least two perspectives on the definition of racism. Which is correct? In answering
the question, describe prejudice and discrimination and how they relate to each other (think
Merton’s Typology). This aurgement is from a A Critical Race
Perspective. and agree that Racism is socially constructed


Definition of Racism
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Definition of Racism
There are two perspectives of racism that mostly differ depending on the way different authors have defined them. Since racism is a complex social issue, scholars have advanced various perspectives and theories on racism. Critical race perspective offers the correct definition of racism. Critical race theory (CRT) argues that racism is systemic force that is deeply rooted in the system and fabric of different societies, instead of a problem of individual bias (Salter & Adams, 2013). Furthermore, discrimination and prejudice have a close relationship with authors such as Merton (1949) arguing that the relationship does not apply in all situations. This paper critically analyzes the relationship between discrimination and prejudice and how they have been presented by different authors.

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