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New Public Management Values (Essay Sample)

The Essay Paper is to be between 800 and 100 Words. I have attached the assignment sheet and some relevant documents to complete the essay. The paper is to be written supporting \"ellen\'s thinking\" and reference the New Public Management values. Writing is to be easy to understand. No need to use any big words. This is an Extended Education Course that is offered online through the the University of Alberta. source..

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New Public Management Values
The new management values dates back in the early years of the twentieth century when the emphasis on the public management underwent a comprehensive classification. There was a research which was conducted scientifically on the management principles and the values of the economy and efficiency. The new management values of the public were conducted under the recommendations of the royal commission of the government organization. These new public management ideas developed to be very strong receiving support from scholars and the practitioners. Some of the most criticized government ways of management programs included. The governments were becoming very large and very intrusive due to the large it serving and due to the self scheming bureaucrats and the politicians. Another reason for critic of the management styles include the governments act as a monopoly had the inefficient of service delivery and more so the sensitive wishes were lacking to those receiving the services. The new public management values were set with the goals being defined such as the signing of contract of public employees, the measuring of the reward of individuals according to performance among others.
The new public management values were faced with critics who argued that the philosophy of the system was deeply rooted in the conviction that the management of the private sector was superior to that of public administration. the critics further argues that the private sector management are not easily transferable to the public government. In the view of Kenneth Kemagan the proponents of the new public management are of very little attention to the political impacts it will have and to the unavoidable importance in the playing of the democratic values to the interests of the public and to the rule of law.
According to Ellen`s thinking whistle blowing by the public servants is one of the extreme acts and it one that often brings hardship to all that are involved. The blowing ...
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