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Military Customs and Courtesies (Essay Sample)


- not more than 750 words.
- Font is arial, 12pt.
- use standard margins: 1 inch from the left, right and bottom edges. Do not justify right margins.
- use double spacing.
- utilize graphic organizer
- employ the Army Writing Style and standard written English.
- use the essay format.
- Provide a Strong Purpose Statement.
- “use second set of eyes”


Military Customs and Courtesies
Military courtesy is the display of good manners, respect, and politeness in dealing with other people.
All military units around the world have their way of saluting. It is a core part of serving in the military. Some servicemen/women have faced disciplinary action for not saluting or for doing it improperly. Salute is almost as old as the military combat itself. The military salute is arguably the most renowned military gesture that has come to be universally defined as a unique greeting between military professionals. It is documented as a form of greeting between military service members. It has existed throughout history in some way or form. Though it has undergone many iterations of change, it remains a core part of how military service members accord respect and greet one another. Militaries worldwide have their variations of the gesture though it typically involves a gesture with their hand.
Military salute has been used in some form since the earliest of times. Knights wore full body armor that covered their faces used to use their right hand to lift their helmets/visors to show their faces when they met. The origin of the salute was also to show that the other individual was not an adversary. Thus, it would be far away from the weapon by saluting with the right hand, which was typically positioned on the right

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