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The Constitution Of The United States: The First Amendment (Essay Sample)


This is a expository essay first amendment, i main want to write about freedom of speech.
an introductory paragraph
a background paragraph that include fatal or history information about amendment
two body paragraph that explain the meaning of the amendment
a concluding paragraph
at least 2-4 in-text citations
an end-of-text reference page
I got my material already.
I am in an English Extensive program, this essay is for our writing course. And I have already found resource to support two body paragraphs.


The First Amendment
The First Amendment in the constitution of the united states is one that is unique to the right of the people in the country. It is one that protects the rights and the freedoms of the people to religion along with that of expression. It protects the freedoms and rights mentioned here in from the interference of the government (Cornell Law School). Freedom of expression relates to the rights to press, speech, assembly, implied rights of association and belief along with petitioning the government for redress of grievances. As such the Supreme court requires the government to provide substantial justification whenever there is a case of interference with reference too free speech rights (Cornell Law School). However, the Supreme court also recognizes that the government has some ground to interfere in the cases that involve speeches which could inevitably lead to violence or simply the breach of peace.
The first amendment does protect the element of telling deliberate lies. This was a concern that well founded when President Trump brought it up in one his tweets in 2016 (Epps, Garrett). This is relative to the fact that, some of the newspapers and news rooms were publishing defamatory statement on their platform and feeding the media with information that he considered to be untrue. In light of the tweet there is some element of truth to it (Epps, Garrett). This is relative to the fact that, it is common in the media and political circle for the players to play around with statements that are other

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