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Briefly explain the ideas theories associated with economic liberalism (Essay Sample)


This is an exam for which I have to answer in 4 hours. 2 short paragraphs each don't worry about the 3 pages requirement I just chose it like that.. , using the attached files ONLY and cite after the statement (like lecture ...... , chapter .....) I attached the Assessment document too.
1. Briefly explain the ideas, concepts and theories associated with economic liberalism that were covered in class, the Commanding Heights documentary, and the Chapter entitled, "Laissez-Faire: The Economic Liberal Perspective." (30 points)
2. Each of the IPE perspectives has at its center a fundamental idea. What is central idea of mercantilism? What is the central idea of economic nationalism? Be sure to explain the difference between mercantilism and economic nationalism, as well as how their ideas were/are illustrated in their economic policies. (30 points)
3. Summarize the main contributions of Marxism to structuralism, as well as the essential characteristics of dependency theory and modern worlds system theory, as discussed in class. (40 points)
Thank You


QUESTION 1: Briefly explain the ideas, concepts, and theories associated with economic liberalism that was covered in class, the commanding heights documentary, and the chapter entitled ‘Laisserz-Faire: The Economic Liberal Perspective,’
Economic liberalism is both an economic and sociopolitical issue. It is anchored on the principles of personal freedom and liberty to own, sell, or transact property, in an environment where there is limited government interventions or regulations: it is characterized by open market s and free trade. The concept of capitalism and self-interest constitute the fundamental driving force behind economic liberalism in markets. The self-interest boosts economic activity through resource distribution, which enhances society’s welfare. The desire to own property leads to a strong desire to adopt the effective use of resources, which leads to betters innovation and lower prices (IR 206; Economic liberalism Slides, slide 6).
Due to liberalism in the markets, there is more likelihood of competition, which is attributed to the desire to pursue self-driven interests; this competition, coupled with innovation, brings a wider base of preferences and choices.

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