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Seton Hall Chapel Description and Reaction (Essay Sample)

Use the pictures from the link below to describe the chapel. Add personal commentary to what you think of this chapel. Use just the pictures to write this paper, not the written description. http://academic(dot)shu(dot)edu/chapel/1972.html source..
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Seton Hall Chapel Description and Reaction
This assignment is a personal comment on the structure of "The Seton Chapel" the Chapel was built with a lot of artistic styles which have been maintained even in its renovation in 1972. The canopy of the chapel is raised high; I do believe this was a structural design for good circulation of air when the chapel has many people. Its Interior design is different from residential and other buildings. The artistic design and motif used has some psychological effect to the occupants to realize that this is not just a building but a chapel meant for worship.
Replacement of Blessed Virgin with was in order with changing aspect of worship and prayers over the years. Christianity has been changing over the years and it`s necessary for such changes to be reflected in the structural design of the Chapel as well. Seton Hall Chapel has historical aspect which those who are renovating take in to considerations such that they maintain its structure and historical relevance. If the renovators change it more with an aim of modernizing it they would get a lot of criticisms, if they alter essential appearance of the building.
However, I do support use of Manual Electronic Organ in support of modern music developing in churches. While, maintenance of motif which were used long time ago being maintained is a good gesture of promoting the traditional culture as ...
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