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Final Exam For Religion: Catholic Social Teaching (Essay Sample)


Pick 3 out of the 5 themes and use 2 or 3 of the elements for each theme. Basically, just write 3 short essays for each theme.
Must be based on this book: https://dropmefiles(dot)com/NeUeh


Catholic Social Teaching
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Catholic Social Teaching
The plans of God point to different aspects of the life of people. Certainly, social justice issues and concerns are part and parcel of human life and God has a huge influence on these issues. As the creation of human beings is of divine purpose, so is the interactions between human beings and also with God. Critical issues and concerns standout in the relations between human beings, including dignity for a human, respect for human life, the need for family, rights, and responsibilities, and care for God’s creation. These elements encompass the nature of human life and define the relationship that individuals have with each other and with God.
The history of human violence has been witnessed since time immemorial. Human beings have always been violent to each other for various reasons. However, violence was not in the original plan designed by God. On the contrary, violence contravenes God’s plan for humanity. As indicated in the truths regarding the Creation accounts, God desired for human beings to live as a family and a loving community. Therefore, the element of family and community conspicuously features in God’s original plan for creating humanity. Additionally, the Catechism of the Catholic Church advocates for the need of humans to live together as a community. This need for a family and communion is also exemplified when God’s creates Eve as the companion for Adam, and hence, creating a family and a community. As a family, mutual love, and respect is exhibited between the parties, thus indicating that violence is not necessary for the peaceful coexistence of the family. Therefore, the element of living as a family and a community means that we should also not be violent with each other and that violence is restricted between individuals within the society.
Another critical element is the dignity of the human person that also promoted peaceful coexistence between human beings. The dignity of the human is also portrayed as an essential truth about the role justice plays in God’s plans for humans. This is shown in the truth that God gave human beings a share of his divine life by creating us in his own divine image. By sharing God’s life and image, human beings are special beings whose existence should be respected and treated much d

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