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IPIP-NEO & DISC Plus Response Essay (Essay Sample)


When hiring employees, employers often assess applicants’ fit to a professional position by examining the applicants’ personalities. During interviews, interviewers often ask applicants to discuss their personality traits and provide support from their past behaviors that demonstrates their level of each trait discussed. Moreover, interviewers often expect applicants to be able to articulate their values and work-related motivators and discuss how these values and motivators have already influenced their performance. Consider you are applying for a job and your interviewer has your IPIP-NEO and DISC Plus results.
Consider your most dominant natural behavioral style from the DISC Plus, your strongest value from the DISC Plus, and 3 of your personality facets from the IPIP-NEO. For each of these 5 characteristics, please write a paragraph in which you discuss whether you agree or disagree with your results and why. The emphasis should be on the "why." Specifically:
begin by clearly stating your level of agreement with your results.
include detailed descriptions of behaviors in which you regularly engage that demonstrate your “true” level of that characteristic (regardless of whether the questionnaire revealed that “true” level or not). You should include at least 3 such descriptions, each description being at least 2 full sentences.
include a detailed description of a specific incident that illustrates how your behaviors reflect your “true” level of that characteristic. Your description of the specific incident should include the context of your behaviors and should address the following questions: Where were you? What was going on? What did you actually do? How would have most other people behaved in that context? The detailed description should be at least 5 full sentences.
Please note that I’m not asking you to report why you possess certain levels of these personality facets and other characteristics. For example, if you outscored 99% of the population in anxiety and you agree that you’re very anxious compared to other people, I don’t expect you to explain from where your anxiety stems, especially if doing so is uncomfortable. However, I do expect you to describe behaviors in which you engage that demonstrate you are more anxious than the vast majority of the population (e.g., you may regularly have to return home multiple times throughout the day to check that your front door is locked).
Please make sure you follow the formatting instructions mentioned in the syllabus.
Please make sure you have submitted your IPIP-NEO and DISC Plus results on Blackboard. If you have not submitted your results, I will not be able to compare your results to the content of your answers, and hence, you will receive a “0” on this assignment.
Please submit your response essay on Blackboard and in Dropbox.
Expected length: 1200 - 1600 words; 3 - 4 pages
Use 10 pt. Arial font and double-space your assignment.


IPIP-NEO and DISC PLUS Results Analysis
Institutional Affiliation
IPIP-NEO and DISC PLUS Results Analysis
DISC is an easy, practical, as well as a universally applicable model that focuses on various external and observable behaviors and uses the scales of openness and directness to measure the intensity of four styles; namely, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientious. I used the model to determine my most dominant behavioral style as well as my strongest values. The IPIP-NEO narrative report compares me with other ladies of traditional college age. The comparison is based on the five personality domains found in the Five-Factor Model. Three of the personality traits will be discussed in detail. In this paper, I will discuss how accurate the results are as well as reasons for agreeing or not agreeing with the results.
Looking at the results, dominance is my most dominant natural behavioral style with a score of 62. This style dictates my behavior as well as response to various situations. Assertiveness, independence, and good problem-solving skills are some of the behaviors associated with the dominant style. Most people whom l have associated with have seen these behaviors, and therefore, I highly agree with the results. I tend to be assertive at all times. Assertiveness can be simply defined as the ability to stand up for one’s rights or the rights of the others without being aggressive and without passively accepting the wrong. There are several instances in my life where I have had to be assertive in order to stand by my beliefs or plan. The example I am going to give has probably been experienced by all students at some point in their school life. First year in college was all about discovering and exploring new things. As expected, school work did not receive as much attention as required. However, after the first few weeks had been wasted and the spirit of adventure started going dim, I realized that I needed to focus more on my studies. This was not going to be an easy shift to make since I had aligned myself with friends who would go out almost every day of the week. On a certain day, I came back to my room after classes and my plan was to take a short break and then study. The phone rang, and as expected, my friends wanted us to go out. Though I had the rest of the day planned, my guilty conscience seemed to be telling me otherwise. Moreover, saying no to friends is usually a difficult task since one fears letting them down and being perceived negatively. However, at this particular time, I understood that saying yes when I really wanted to say no would be doing a disservice to my friends. By accepting the invite begrudgingly, I would end up not having any fun at all. Therefore, I gathered courage and said no. However, I was not aggressive in doing it, and they understood. Moreover, they came to respect my stand regarding school work, a position they have held ever since. This is the most relatable example of when my assertiveness came out. Independence is also a trait associated with the dominance style. I have always striven to be independent throughout my life. I always believe in taking care of my needs and taking responsibility for my decisions. For instance, though cheating on assignments and tests is practiced by some students, I believe in doing my wor

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