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Aldo Leopold Vs Thoreau's Beliefs (What were the main differences between Aldo Leopold and Thoreau's beliefs of the humans proper role within nature?) (Essay Sample)

Writer- I want you to write an essay based on the class and lecture notes that i will attach. The teacher wants us to talk about 2 important authors in environmental studies; Aldo Leopold and Henry David Thoreau having an in depth conversation pertaining to the environment. They are discussing the notion of the proper role of the human within nature, and they invite us to join in. Record their conversation, and your own participation, as well as any humorous exchanges, should there be any. This can be written in the form of a dialogue or a straightforward essay—your choice. Do all required readings, lecture notes important cuz lectures reiterate concepts, Essay q: give your perspective, write a thesis statement (don't repeat the question, create your own) Opening paragraph – opening statement, linking statement, don't just repeat but elaborate using your own input (eg: say that this is an important element, get marks for pinning down the answer to imply you read the material, mark for creativity and details and examples), 2-3 body paragraphs, conclude the question with a reiteration of thesis and some creative ending. Avoid not giving examples, empty responses and pull from details from other readings and sources to amplify your answer. Pull from other audiovisual aspects of the course. Creative input is wanted, not just regurtitatio, make informed opinions to build your argument. Think broadly, bring in your experience, don't make statements that you can't support. No need of citation or sources, But you can use the quotations that will be provided on the attach files that Aldo Leopold and Henry David Thoreau have to support and make it very smooth and nice. Thanks source..

Aldo Leopold Vs Thoreau's Beliefs
Aldo Leopold Vs Thoreau's Beliefs relating to Nature
Human nature is the characteristics that human beings have towards nature in terms of feelings, actions and thinking based on cultural influences. Various questions have been asked on the causes and understanding of these characteristics. It is a major issue that human being must take into consideration as some of the characteristics affect our nature. For instance, these characteristics pose negative implications on theology, ethics and politics as human nature is considered as a source of human rules and regulations. Therefore, based on the role of human towards nature, this paper provides information on various roles of human with nature and some of the measures that humans should understand towards human nature as provided by Aldo Leopold and Thoreau in the conversation on human nature.
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