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Leadership Styles: Negative Effect On Individual And Group Behavior (Essay Sample)


Need to answer these 5 questions using the different leadership style :
Q1: Provide a detailed description of the factors that will influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviors in workplace situations (Min 300 words).
Q2: Explain why these leadership styles or behaviors are likely to have a positive or negative effect on individual and group behavior (Min 300 words).
Q3:Describe the main motivational factors in a work context and how these may apply to different work situations, teams and individuals (Min 200).
Q4: Explain the importance of a leader being able to motivate teams and individuals and gain their commitment to objectives (Min 300).
Q5: Explain the importance of the team having a common sense of purpose that supports the overall vision and strategy of the organization (Min 200 words).
NOTE: leadership styles which should included in the Essay are: (Direct, delegate, involve & empower)
This essay will be submitted to ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management)


Leadership Styles
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Question 1
Adopting an appropriate and successful leadership style is a key determinant in success of a management of organizations. There are various leadership styles from which a leader can choose and these include direct, delegate and involve and empower leadership styles. Directive leadership involves guidance to the subordinate staff on what they are expected to do and how to perform their tasks. Delegating leadership (laissez fair) involves trusting the subordinates with more responsibilities and not interfering with their affairs. Employees need to have confidence to make decisions and good skills to analyze situations. On the other hand, involve and empower leadership style entails a management in which the employees get actively involved in business process and decision making so that they are empowered to make decisions in the organization.
Given these various leadership styles, there are key factors that determine the choice of either style for management in an organization. One such factor is the type of business. a business in crisis or one that must respond to a quickly changing environment needs quick decisions and actions which demand a leadership style that allows quick decision making such as delegation or involve and empower leadership. Another factor determining the choice of a leadership style is the organizational culture. For instance, if a company possess a strong culture of well-trained and motivated employees, there is no need of a directive leadership and the management can adopt a delegating leadership as the employees are capable of handling their responsibilities without need of abundant guidance. Lastly, leadership style is determined by the belief system of the manager. For instance, a manager who believes in teamwork as the most successful leadership approach can opt for involve and empowerment leadership in which a collaborative decision making and conduct of business processes is enabled.
Question 2
Different leadership styles have different impacts on the employees. involve and empower leadership style has a greater positive impact on the employees performance as it makes the employees feel power and confidence in carrying out their responsibilities and in making necessary decisions regarding to the job. This acts as a source of motivation to the employee. Likewise, delegating leadership instil confidence in the employee and makes him or her more active as he or she feels that the success of the organization rests on their shoulders and decisions they make. Delegating and involve and empower leadership styles makes the employees feel part of the organizati

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