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Australian Businesses and Human Rights Responsibilities (Essay Sample)


Write an opening paragraph for your Research Paper in about 250 words. Use the
problem-solving (SPSE) genre, outlined below. Remember: the Problem-solving
genre is not the same as the Argumentative genre – they require different
structures and different types of thesis statement.
Problem-solving Genre Structure
1. Situation
(1. Background 2. Thesis Statement 3. Outline of paper 4. Significance)
2. Problem(s)
3. Solution(s)
4. Evaluation
To help understand the structure and content of your opening
paragraph, you must ALSO provide draft topic sentences for the body paragraphs
you plan to write in your Research Paper.
you can keep go the topic you wrote before or Business and Human Rights responsibilities


Australian Businesses and Human Rights Responsibilities
University Affiliation
Australian Businesses and Human Rights Responsibilities
Businesses continue to shape the manner in which the world is continually transformed on a daily basis. This applies to virtually all sectors in which businesses are involved, which include finance, the economy, climate change, and even social sectors such as the observation of human and labor rights (Salcito et al, 2013). In every sense possible, businesses influence the development of the society and how it is perceived. As far as human rights responsibilities are concerned, businesses have a duty to ensure that they treat their employees in ways that are consistent with human rights and freedoms. A failure to observe this results in a breakdown of the social structures and the role of businesses in mitigating the abuse of human rights (Pender & O’Brien, 2017). This paper posits that the abuse of human rights at the workplace is a problem caused by the failure of businesses to reconcile their operations and workplace culture with human rights and freedoms, and proposes that businesses need to restructure their operational protocols and redefine their workplace cultures as a means to ensuring the observation of human rights.

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