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Questions her way of survival (Essay Sample)

No APA 1.One of two female workers on a road construction crew complains to her supervisor that she feels uncomfortable during breaks, because the other employee routinely tell off-color jokes. How would you handle this? 2. Why is Sexual Harassment difficult to prove? 3.How can human resources management contribute to a company's success? List 3 or more ways 4. Paste this web address below in your browser and preview the you tube video. It is a sales add for a software tool however I want to to pay attention to what information they are giving you and list 4-5 challenges HR will face today and in the future based on the information in the video. http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=2XIQkDldpmI&feature=channel&list=UL source..
Every human being has his/ her way of survival and the perfect way that people endure is by working. The problem with working is that, some people believe there are different jobs for a certain sex and that if some do the work that is believed to be done by the opposite sex; they feel uncomfortable or sometimes rejected as the environment does not suit them. The challenge of women taking part in men`s job has its roots from the time of our elders when women place was believed to be in the kitchen.
This has continued, and most men believe that most masculine task should be handled by men and that women should not be a certain environment. Survival challenges have emerged and due to economic change, everyone is looking for a way of survival, and those who are not lucky to secure a white color job doing everything possible to have their daily bread since the world have become survival for the fittest place (Thomas &Celia 1997).
Most people who are affected are women, who have even opted to take place in road constructions, but the challenge is much opposing since men keeps on telling off-color jokes which absurd`s them, and a times complains to their supervisors. The challenge is that sometimes, it is difficult to know how to pact with the circumstances which several communities believe it`s still not good for women to handle men`s professions. When such cases are reported to the supervisors, it`s their obligation to let men know that the world in not friendly to people who are not working and therefore, anyone can do anything for survival. It`s also good to let them know that this time when men believed that women place is in the kitchen, is bygone, and everyone should be accepted in any occupation provided he/she gets something for survival to make life simpler.
Every working environment has its challenges regardless of which sex is overpowered by the other. I some cases, men as well experience sexual harassment from the...
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