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Reflective Essay about My Experience Abroad (Essay Sample)


Please write a piece of information about my experience, can be a sports competition or the experience of going abroad, and for our people what profound experience. You can not refer to other articles.


Reflective Essay about My Experience Abroad
The most memorable moments in my life was a short holiday that I had abroad and to be precise in Paris, France. This was one of the best moments of my life and as a matter of fact, I wish I could stay there forever. For those who have never had a chance to visit a foreign country for a holiday, probably you must have read a story about the foreign culture that made you feel like changing your citizenship; that is exactly how I felt when I was in France during my short holidays. Most people around the world have bravely taken that step and changed their allegiance to the foreign countries due to reasons like culture, availability of job opportunities, traditions of those people, beliefs, personality of the people, as compared to those ones existing my native country.
This essay examines impressive cultures and the lifestyle of French people that I was able to associate myself with during my short holiday in Paris, France.
The Culture of French People
My experience in Paris, France was awesome. One thing that I found quite interesting during my stay there was the culture of French people. I must admit that I really enjoyed being part of these great people; I got a good chance to learn about their culture. .One of the most important reasons why I would visit Paris, France quite often during holidays is the good cultures of the French people. One of the reasons that made me decide to visit Paris is that my own personality resonates well with those of the French people. I also liked the attitude and the beliefs of the people living in this country as compared to the ones from the people of my native country. It is not only me, but many people are attracted to another country because they believe that their personalities and beliefs resonate well with the ones that are there in the foreign country. Personally, there are so many things that I like about the French culture that I find quite attractive to me. It is important to note that most people have always associated French culture with Paris. Paris is widely known as being the city

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