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MKT203 Research Assignment Online Shopping Market (Essay Sample)


MKT end of the operation, 10 questions


MKT203: 10 questions
Hofstra University
Based on Table 1 (market segmentation result), create a table in which you name each segment and describes its characteristics.
Online shopping market segmentsCharacteristicsEducated shoppersThe site provides more options to the customers compared to the local store, and they can save money, and the shoppers also research and aces customer reviews before making purchases.Hassle free conscious ShoppersPrefer the site to save time, where there is little to no hassle in one shopping experience. They also choose the site for easy browsing.Site Loyal shoppersThese customers are loyal as they can find what they want fast and here is diverse selection of productsValue seekersThey search what they want to buy online and compare the competitor prices, while others access to rare and hard to find items.
Pick any one online shopping site or digital app and evaluate its quality based on eQUAL (see the class PPTs). Inc and quality digital retailing quality based on eQUAL
Organizing and Ease of Use- One of the main reasons for the success of Amazon is ease of use as one navigate the site effortlessly, where there is quick feedback on what they want as they can navigate and locate what they want
Processing Speed- The page loads fast so long as one has reliable internet access and the process is quick
Entertainment: The entertainment section is mostly when downloading apps and games, streaming, downloading and music options,
Competitive Prices: the company offers competitive prices at the highest quality rather than knock offs, as it is the biggest online retailer the company has economies of scale, and the delivery is fast on time and problem free as the company has a...
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