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Fourth Mediation: Of Truth and Error (Essay Sample)

In describing mind, Descartes insists right away that it "does not participate in anything that pertains to the body". In other words, the mind one thing, and the body is another. How well do you think Descartes substantiates his claim? And how would you argue against his view? source..
Rene Descartes: Fourth Mediation: Of Truth and Error
Rene Descartes reflects about the body and mind dualism in the sixth meditation where he is categorical that the he feels puzzled that the body and mind are attached. He states that the body will feel pain or tickle while the mind will remain intact; in addition, the mind is responsible for telling the body i.e. the stomach that it is time to eat. He identifies that the body reacts to issues that are external to it while the mind reacts to the issues within. He links the body to material things with the mind being non-extended and the body being extended.
He views that imagination and perceptions are developed by the mind but are eventually manifested in the body. By fantasizing, in the mind, the body is able to manifest and hence ensure there is a connection between the two (Descartes, 162). On the other hand, the mind will fantasize, but the body will limit and contain the fantasies. This means that the two are two different identities since they will control each other’s desires. They are intertwined together in one natural form and they can never be separated, as when the body suffers physical conflicts the mind will not be physically hurt (Descartes, 189). The pleasures and pain are very essential to differentiate the two as when they both occurs the body and mind remain to initiate different reactions.
Descartes is objective in substantiating his claims; he claims are well substantiated given that he explains why he thinks body and mind by explaining their disconnect moments. In arguing against his claims is that he explains that the body and soul remain in disconnect on issues of pain and pleasure; however, the mind will enjoy the body’s pleas...
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