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News Article: Unusual Daylight Robbery That Took 5 Minutes (Essay Sample)


The first series of news. Can not copy online. Double quotation marks should be added. The second story can not be a virtual story. For example, rescue the mountains. The same point of view double quotes. The third thought of an argument and then talk about their own point of view. Each of the above only 300 words less. So a total of only three 900 word


Media Writing Assignment

1 News article: "Unusual" Daylight Robbery That Took 5minutes
In one of the most daring move, a pony-tailed robber walked into the local bank with a shotgun yesterday and stole over $ 30,000 before escaping in a taxi he had ordered to wait for him outside the building. The raid, which took 5minutes, is described by police as one of the most "unusual" because the man made no attempts to disguise himself from the surveillance cameras within the bank hall.
The man is described as white and in his early30s, entered the bank at around mid-morning and demanded to see the manager. He raised his shotgun up and opened fire ordering everyone to lie down. Mr.Catwright who has been working in the bank for more than 10 years, said " all he asked for was money, " he said "give it all it all to me” he took the key to the strong room as if he was familiar with the place and got the money himself before he ran out.
The security guard and one of the bank workers chased the robber, but lost him on a nearby side street. The man brandished his shotgun at the taxi driver and forced him to drive the taxi. The taxi passed through Baker Street and alighted at the corner. He fled after putting all the money in a small bag, leaving a $ 10 tip for the taxi driver. This was one of the many robberies have been reported within a span of two months.
Mr.Catwright declined to comment whether the robbery was an inside job or it was one of the ordinary bank robberies. Mark Dayline the local police said: "he will not run for long we will soon find him". What is more shocking is that the robber single-handedly managed to pick over $ 30,000 within 5minutes without anyone raising an alarm.
2. Feature article: You might hate your school uniform, but it's for a good course
Tomorrow marks the day when the principal's strict dress code comes into effect, among the banned clothing items are shorts, gang-colored clothing, and jewelry. Every student has signed an agreement to follow the new dress code as teachers are respo

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