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Week 5 - Monday, February 24, 2020 (Inequality Dividing Communities) (Essay Sample)


please read and write a 300 word (or more) summary for:
1. Robert D. Putnam, Our Kids, Chapter 5: Community
2. Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, NY Times, Who Killed the Knapp Family? January 9, 2020.
3. Chris Hedges, Joe Sacco, Days of Destruction; Days of Revolt, Chapter 2: Days of Siege, Camden New Jersey, pp. 59-113, 2012.
I should note that you will see some other links in the Assignment. I would urge you to watch the 20/20 piece on Camden NJ. Its a few years old (2007) but unfortunately Camden is still very much in the same place today. So please do have a look. We won't be watching it in class but it makes a good connection with the reading by Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco.


Inequality Dividing Communities
Inequality has been on the increase in the US, and more people are poor or living below the poverty line while also lacking an opportunity to improve their prospects. Most of those who are affected the most include children who undergo many issues due to the economic problems. If a person comes from a poor background, then it also makes it harder for them to improve their lives.
Putman (2016) reveals that affluent and educated parents in the US have a diverse array of “weak ties,” which means casual connections in different social niches such as business executives, family friends, professors, and psychiatrists. Furthermore, 64% of rich kids have ties that go beyond their extended family, which they can rely on for mentoring, while for poor kids, 62% do not have such an opportunity (Putman, 2016). People prefer to keep to themselves, and they do not report instances where children commit crimes or other forms of misbehavior. Due to these issues, occurrences of crime and drug use have begun to increase in most neighb

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