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Questions: Human Resource Manager at Bay Hospital (Essay Sample)

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Human Resource Manager - Bay Hospital
Situation 1: Two employees were drinking in the washroom on lunch hour. One of the employees told you about it and you entered the washroom and caught them.
Answer 1: As a professional Human Resource Manager, I will not say anything to them on the spot and will leave the washroom after washing hands. My first immediate step now will be to call a counseling session same day; in which I will do counseling of my team on following points:
* Working in hospital is different from working in other industries
* The purpose of working in hospital is serving patients and saving their lives
* Rules and regulations for working at Bay Hospital
* Policies regarding immediate termination of employees due to unethical behavior
* Last chance and warning to follow the working policies
This counseling session will not only make the two non-violators alert but will also be a lesson for all those who are not caught yet. My next step will be to get a hidden camera installed in the washroom and staff room so that I can keep an eye on the activities of the staff.
Situation 2: Today you asked Sarah to re do a report because she had not followed your directions and it was not what the customer wanted. She got angry and threw the report on the floor and told you she was not doing it again and that if you don't like how she did it to get someone else to do it. This is the second time you have had to speak to her about her attitude since she started 4 months ago..
Answer 2: Sarah`s behavior in last four months has proved that she is very short tempered. She always expects her work to be appreciated even if it has errors. This is just the beginning of her new job and she is behaving as if she is the boss.
I will call her in my room and will calmly explain her that she is working in a human resource department of a hospital. Reports sent to the clients are indirectly related to the activities of the hospital. Client`s feedback helps to improve the working conditions of the hospital and serve patients in a better way. Throwing file on the floor and losing temper is intolerable attitude which will no more be accepted. She will have to create an attitude of accepting mistakes, revising reports and satisfy clients.
Question 3: Why might an organization benefit from giving development opportunities to a dysfunctional manager, rather than simply dismissing the manager? Do these reasons apply to non-management employees as well?
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