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Explanation of the Drawing Writing Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


Write an essay, it is about the reason that I painted this art work for my final project for art history. This semester, we learnt about the Renaissance , I like the Van Gogh's shoes, So I painted my art work by using Van Gogh's painting style to draw the shoes that is for me.

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Explanation of the Drawing
Vincent van Gogh is one of the most renowned personalities in the history of art. His works of art have contributed greatly to the development of modern art. His works were characterised by daring colors, and had a high expressive appeal to art lovers. Particularly, the Van Gogh’s shoes’ painting is one of his greatest and is admired by many.
Drawing inspiration from the painting, I was able to paint a pair of shoes for my final project for art history. The first reason why I chose to paint the shoes for my art project is because I have a lot of respect and admiration for Van Gogh as one of the most eminent painters in the history of art. His collections, especially the shoes’ painting, have had a significant impact in my passion for art. Van Gogh’s painting of the shoes is very expressive and speaks boldly about his personality and his passion for art. This is why I chose to do a painting of a pair of shoes.
A critical analysis of Van Gogh’s paintings, and in particular the pair of shoes, shows that he knew how to find meaning in things that are considered to be insignificant. Shoes may seem like ordinary things that are worn to make the feet comfortable, but they are very si...
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