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Effective Learning: What Is The Ideal University? (Essay Sample)


Language school assignments
Hello, please see my uploaded picture. There are topics and articles to be quoted. Because it is a language job, please do not write too much grammar mistakes.
please write some more grammar mistakes and use simple words because it is language school homework,and please follow the pictures that I send to you there is the article and topic require thank you.


Effective Learning: What is the ideal University?
Effective Learning: What is the ideal University?
There is no university in the world that can be deemed perfect or without blemish. All universities in the world including the ones that are regarded as top tier have their issues. High school students often dream of joining universities such as Stanford University, Harvard University, Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, etc. Well, I am one of these students but social media has confirmed time and again that these universities are also marred by issues which they have tried and failed to solve. From students' misdemeanor to issues involving lecturers, these universities have also been caught up in scandals just like the rest but still manage to stay at the top of the herd. Even though there is no ideal or perfect university, my mind is always allowed to wander while trying to picture what would make up my ideal university. While my earthly efforts could take me to one of the top-tier universities, I have always allowed myself to think far and wide about the kind of university I would like to frequent especially with the way technological innovations are pushing the world and all sectors. Well, below is an elucidation of what and how my ideal university would be.
First of all, I would like my ideal university to employ adaptive learning. Adaptive learning is simply the learning that moves with the students' pace and not the teacher's or the school's pace. It is a learning that recognizes the uniqueness and difference in the capabilities of the students. The aim of adaptive learning would be to do away with the fixed periods of learning that currently exist and to introduce flexible times of learning which are tailored towards the students and not the lecturers. Aside from the above, technology would be integrated into learning such that students would have the privilege of face-to-face instruction. Therefore, each student would move at their own pace and ask questions whenever they feel overwhelmed by the topics or subjects they are taking. In his 2015 article titled 8 Good and Bad parts of Online Education, Mark Thoma notes that online courses are advantageous to students and guarantee them flexibility especially when the exam and class schedules conflict with the work and family schedules. Adaptive learning will indeed be beneficial and will help to ensure that all students learn regardless of their differences.
The second factor or attribute of my ideal university would be the creation of generative or creative universities. The current system is more or less tailored towards the old system which sought to discover new knowledge. The phrase there is no

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