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Creativity And Cognitive Skills Among Millennial (Essay Sample)



Statement: I believe that we must learn from the generation above us, while staying true to our millennial roots, in order to succeed.

Notes: Compare and contrast millennials and the generation before us:

  • We were raised with technology- instant gratification
  • Raised with praise
  • Generation before us- had to work for what they wanted (no instant gratification)
  • Generation before us- raised with consequences (very strict rules)

Sub #1: Blurred work/life lines

  • Social media (doubles for personal life and business strategy)
  • Technology (we can bring our work home)
  • Source: “Stop Talking About Work/Life Balance”

Sub #2: Indepence

  • Millennials are collaborative vs. independence of older generations

Sub #3: Risk taking

  • Millennials are thinking too much and creating too little (Creativity and Cognitive Skills)

(Bryan) Sub #4:

  • Lack of concentration: Millennials may be easily distracted on the Internet and may have difficulties in sustaining their concentration over long periods of time or while multitasking. This paper suggests management instructors provide reflective spaces for millenials to address this problem.
  • Lack of engagement: Millennials might have difficulties in engaging with organization-led performance improvement initiatives where they are expected to demonstrate their performance and engagement for organizational objectives. This article suggests management instructors provide creative spaces for students in order to engage them.
  • Lack of socialization: Millennials may tend to have difficulties in socializing with people since they are spending a lot of time on the Internet. This may lead to alienation or social isolation. To resolve this problem, this paper suggests management instructors provide collaborative spaces for millenials.

Possible Sub:

  • Loyalty

Creativity and Cognitive Skills among Millennial
Like other generations, Millennials have generalized unique traits; they are idealistic and overzealous people who talk about their passion. What matters to them most is happiness and fulfillment. Millennials are the first generation with unlimited amount of technological platform where they can express themselves. Millennials are risk takers; they are flexible and like challenging tasks. Although Millennials think too much and create too little, I believe that they need to learn from the generation above, but stay true to their millennial root to succeed.
A creative employee needs to have effortful thinking than intuition. The major concern is which criteria to use when recruiting diligent and creative workers. It's hard to get diligent and creative workers among Millennials. Millennial workers tend to over think and their creative thinking may be obstructed. With the dilemma of not knowing how to select diligent and creative millennial, most managers would prefer hiring mature workers than Millennials despite Millennials possessing the much needed creative skills.
According to Corgnet, Espín & Hernán

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