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CNBC Assignment (Essay Sample)

You watch short videos on CNBC... This assignment has total 11 questions.. Give me answers about each questions..(explain) (Attach instruction file) source..

CNBC assignment
Yum Brands Q4 earnings outlook.
1 Guidance implies the management of pizza hut which according to this report it was not good since the shares were dropping.
2 According to this report the guidance of Yum Brands is not good. This is proven by the fact that its shares were dropping afterhours.
3 Jane uses the sells revenue as a business metric to show the performance of Yum brands. She indicates that the sell from the store in china fell. In addition it grew by only 3% in the USA and the rest of the world. A dropping sells index is a clear indication that a business is not performing well.
4 The analysts expected a rise of 4% in sells in the rest of the world. However the analysts are concerned that with the situation in china, the mid-single digit eps is bound to reduce in 2013. This is in comparison with the eps performance in 2012. They had earlier predicted a 10% growth in the eps but fear it will drop due to the condition in china.
5 Jane mentions earnings per share (eps) as a stock related metric.
Wynn vs. Okada
1 Lawsuits by Okada arose out of the $50 million payment made by Wynn to an individual named Hoho at the University of Macau. Okada considered this transaction to be suspicious which to him he saw as a scheme. Okada who is also a stakeholder accuses Wynn of corruption in making that donation. In addition Wynn forcibly recovered 20% of shares initially owned by Okada at a discount. He also vouched for the stakeholders to vote Okada off the board.
2 The stockholders would sue on the basis of corruption based on the anticorruption laws. The donation made by Wynn to The University of Macau is seen as suspicious and thus considered foul play involving corruption.
3 The competition for gaming properties at Macau is stiff. This is evidenced from the actions of Wynn and Okada. It is observed that one is willing to pursue his gaming rights in all means possible even if it involves voting off a stakeholder and buying back his shares.
Optimism in the Hotel Industry
1 Optimism is growing in the hotel industry due to two major factors, an increasing demand and very little construction. After the severity of the 2008 finances, the demand of hotel services is growing each day which see the profits in this industry increase. In addition there was very little construction of new hotels in 2008 which is as a result of the severe...
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