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Features And Benefits Of Taking Online Courses (Essay Sample)


Write an essay about reasons why students choose to take online courses. Includes Introduction, body paragraph and conclusion. State three reasons to support and explain it with specific examples and reasons.


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Benefits of Taking Online Courses
In the current education system, students are provided with the chance to choose either on-campus courses or online courses. While some opt for the on-campus classes, still a majority go for the online courses for various reasons. Majorly, online courses are preferred for their convenience, flexibility, and the ability to choose a place with less or no distractions.
Taking online courses is convenient as it saves on the time and resources that come with commuting to and from the campus. It is true that in most cases the campuses are located in places that are far from where the students live. This means that on a daily basis, a student has to spend several hours getting to class. In addition, in cases where there is a long distance involved, students will have to use different means of transport and hence quite a lot of money is used commuting every day. Online courses save on this because that extra time spent commuting can be used productively in studying. Another important way online courses are convenient is the fact that a student can take up any course they wish to especially those not offered on campus. It is for these reasons that many students opt for online courses.
The flexibility of online courses makes them attractive.

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