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Assessment Task: Comparative Essay (Essay Sample)


comparative essay. studying great gatsby book. comparing with how the book and the movie were different in scene 7.


Assessment Task: Comparative Essay
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Q. Discuss how Fitzgerald presents scene 5 in his novel. Compare and contrast this with how Luhrmann has adapted the same scene in his film.
Whenever novels are portrayed in screenplays, subtle or big differences become evident. The screenplay writers or directors do not follow the novel scripts or the chronological appearance of the events in the movies. Sometimes, even the feelings are different in the novel and the movie. Here, we will compare the chapter 5 of “The Great Gatsby” novel by Fitzgerald and the scene 5 screenplay by Luhrmann.
This scene portrays the relationship between Gatsby, Nick, and Daisy. Here, Nick comes to the Gatsby mansion to ask Daisy something over a cup of tea. Nick was surprised to find the mansion well-lighted without any ongoing party. Gatsby welcomed Nick and assures him that he shall call Daisy the following day to invite her over tea. Gatsby knows that Nick is not a rich person nor does he have a high-earning job. Hence, Gatsby opted to offer him something. Despite the kind offer, Nick declines (Fitzgerald, 1999).
The following day, Nick called Daisy over the phone and asked her not to bring Tom. Daisy accepted this invitation and asked if they can meet during the day. Because Gatsby is a man of perfection, he assisted Nick by sending a man to cut his grass and provide him flowers to be given to Daisy (Fitzgerald, 1999).
Gatsby arrived an hour before Daisy came. For the first time, he was all nervous and has little doubts over himself. When Daisy arrives, Nick ushered her to the house, only finding that Gatsby disappeared. Surprisingly, Gatsby was then seen at the front door, looking pale and awful. He then joined Daisy in the living room. The reunion of the three started as over formal and unnaturally polite. This left the three of them in an awkward position. After taking a sip of the prepared tea, the three were able to be at ease (Fitzgerald, 1999).
Nick, being a vigilant person, opted to excuse himself to provide the two privacy. However, Gatsby, an ever-nervous gentleman, followed his lead and went out. Nick sends him back to Daisy and tried to roam around the house to give them the time for themselves. He then went back after an hour and a half (Fitzgerald, 1999).
Upon returning, Nick realized the change in Gatsby’s personality where he became full of radiance after an awkward and embarrassing moment. Daisy, on the other hand, was also full of unexpected joy which Is evident in her voice (Fitzgerald, 1999).
Then, Gatsby requested for the three of them to travel to his mansion. Daisy, like how Gatsby

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