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100 Years Ago: News About Ape Man Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Write approximately 300+ words on an INTERNATIONAL news event from a publication 100 years ago on or around your birth date. (something outside the USA) (09.02.1994) September 2 1994
Select a news story from one hundred years ago on your birthday (or close to it). (something outside the USA) Provide a link to the article in a Newspaper, Magazine, or Journal. 300+ words. Please use spell check and grammar check before submitting it.

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Literature and Language
12 May 2017
Ape Man – September 2, 1994
News about Ape Man is not new to society and once again, the facts of human evolution have seen another evidence. The latest one that caught attention of many was dated 5.6 to 5.8 million years old, but there is one that is younger by 100,000 years. The discovery was made by a graduate student from Ethiopia named Yohaness Haile-Selassie who was studying at the University of California in Berkeley and one of Time White’s students.
Society has to be made aware that this is different from the other articles that have tried to promote evolution based on bone fragments. They are also claiming that a ‘missing link’ was found. There was a suspected ‘missing link’ that is claimed to be older than 6 million. They called this artifact the ‘Millennium Man’ because the discovery occurred close to the turn of the century. The difference is that this was based from broken teeth and fragments that had broken femurs and jaw bones. The fossils were accused to be fake and no proof were found.
One of the revolutionary claims was Kenyanthropus platyops that is 3.6 million years old. There were a few claims before this so readers were no longer surprised when this came out.
Based on the news articles that came out, there were 17 scraps of bones and teeth found and carnivores have gnawed them already. The significant portion they found were an upper arm bone and a jaw that was smaller than a thumbnail. They did not find anything from the waist down, although, anthropologists concluded that the elbow and a tooth were already split off from the apes, and walked around erect. In addition to this, the conclusion gathered from these creatures is that they were all not similar to apes. It was more like the fossil that was named “Lucy” that was 40% complete when they found it and between 3 to 6 feet inches tall. This was found by Dr. Donald Johanson in 1974, and admits that Lucy was like the chimpanzee. Even if the skull of Lucy was not found, others from the same species showed a chimp-sized brain, jaws, and teeth. There were only a few small differences, but still notable.
Lucy was claimed to be walking more erect compared to the chimps of today and this assumption was because of the partial hipbone interpretation and knee bone that was disagreed upon by some paleoanthropologists. However, even...
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