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Past and present life (Essay Sample)

comparison and contrast introduction the first paragraph talk about the life now with examples( maybe its help u when write for me, talk about the houses - the traveling - how the life come easy with technology.- maybe the education ) the second paragraph talk about the life in the past . the 3th paragraph comparison and contrast between the life now and in the past . Conclusion . source..

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Past and present life
In the past, it was hard for contemporary house plans to be approved. That was because of existence of some strict restrictions, as well as, neighborhood covenants. At present there is several embracing neighborhoods contemporary home style, implying that modern houses are advantageous. Modern house plan do not require a lot of space for a house to be established. This is because they contain a proper ceiling space and hallways, as well as, corridors that help in minimizing transitional space. They also offer extra attention to natural light level. This is because they contain bigger windows that face the south side of the house and smaller one on the multiple side of a room that assists in bringing in a natural light.
Modern house plans also maximizes natural light levels that helps to reduce the cost of energy. Modern houses are also aesthetically pleasing designed; they as well contain enough rooms for customization, as well as earthly friendly. Modern traveling is also advantageous as it helps people to travel faster especially by air in different interesting places thus meeting with new friends. This enables one to learn more about other people`s cultures and traditions. On the other hand, modern traveling is disadvantageous as it is costly and only a few people can afford. Long distance traveling can also result in sickness as well. Lastly, modern technology has made life easier and better. This is because modern cooking techniques are faster and can prepare food without making a big mess. On the other hand they are very expensive thus making it hard for all people to afford.
In the past life was different compared to present. This was because the past houses were not properly designed therefore were not aesthetically well looking. Further more, in the past houses never contained several rooms thus making it harder to accommodate many visitors. On the other hand, education was not well delivered. That was because of lack of modern techniques like computer that makes it easier to deliver education. Teachers were as well not properly trained thus failing to deliver enough knowledge to students.
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