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The Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), China (Essay Sample)


Please assign this composition to writer familiar with Chinese history!
(Please assign this paper to writer who is familiar with CHINESE CIVILIZATION!!)
Please answer two of the following three essay questions in two distinct essay answers. (No need to write formal Essay, as long as you answer all the questions the professor asked.) You are required to cite at least one primary source from the sourcebook or PDF documents for each essay. You may also cite lectures or the textbook, but must cite the source in parentheses in your text. No internet sources allowed.
The total expected length is 4-5 pages (double-spaced).
1. For two periods discussed in this course, the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), China was ruled by foreign conquerors. How were these groups able to conquer the vast land of China? What administrative techniques did they use to rule the land once they had been victorious? How did they portray themselves to their Chinese subjects, and to their people back in their homeland?
2. Discuss the relationship between China and the West (broadly defined to include Central Asia/Persia/India, Iran, Europe) over the whole course of Chinese history. How was contact first established? What sorts of people, objects, and ideas moved from East to West, or West or East? How did large scale imperialism affect China during the 19th century? How did China respond?
3. Discuss the history of China from an economic perspective. Which time periods of Chinese civilization were the greatest periods of growth and expansion (in population, trade, urbanism, etc). How was land held and how was production organized before the coming of the Communist Revolution. What dramatic changes transpired in the second half of the twentieth century?
(For each topic you chose, Please make sure you already answered ALL the problems the professor asked about. Thanks!)


1. For two periods discussed in this course, the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), China was ruled by foreign conquerors. How were these groups able to conquer the vast land of China?
The Yuan dynasty was ruled by the Mongols. The Mongols started as small nomadic tribes that were unified under one ruler. They conquered the majority of West and Central Asia including China (Ebrey, 1981, p. 286). When Northern Song fell to the hands of the Jurchen, they established the Jin dynasty. The Southern Song made attempts to control Northern China by employing the notion of “barbarian against barbarians”; however, their plan became disastrous as the Barbaric Mongolian army conquered China (Schirokauer & Brown, 2013, p. 134). The Mongol army was an overwhelming force with superior organization, battle strategy, and manpower. Their army was enough to surround and fight the Jin armies and capture the capital of Beijing while establishing supremacy in Central Asia, battling Russia, and destroying Xi Xia (Schirokauer & Brown, 2013, p. 162).

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