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Events that changed USA during the years 1775 throughout 1820 (Essay Sample)

Write about the American Revolution, the declaration of independence and the treaty of paris. Discuss how "you"(I) believe most changed the course of history during the years 1775 throughout 1820 and what actions produced these events. Also how the impact was a positive one for all of the three events. source..
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Events that changed USA during the years 1775 throughout 1820
The history of the USA was changed by three events during the years 1775 through 1820. The first ever organized movement in the world where people wanted to rule themselves was the American Revolution. The revolution involved the thirteen colonies of North America and the English government. Most of the people who settled in these colonies were from England but the English government treated them unfairly. They were denied rights which they were enjoyed by Englishmen living in England. For instance, they had to pay much higher taxes and had to undergo trade restrictions imposed on them. Additionally, they had poor representation in the administrative set-up that was in place for the colonies. These made them desire to be viewed as a separate entity; the American nation. Equality amongst all people and upholding of basic human rights were to be the guiding principles. The inhabitants were to be regarded as free citizens and they had the right to live as they wanted. They could raise their voice about injustices and they could earn a living in any way that pleased them.In 1776, the colonies representatives met at Philadelphia and adopted the Declaration of Independence. The declaration stated that all men are created equal and therefore they have the right to life, liberty, and they deserved to be happy. It also asserted that the people have the right to form their own government. This step by the colonies sparked the American Revolution which led to American Independence. The colonies secured their independence and referred to themselves as the Unites States of America. Consequently, a constitution was drafted which declared the autonomy of the American Republic.The Declaration of Independence has also contributed a lot to the history of Unites States of America. It was drafted in June 11th and June 28th 1776 by Thomas Jefferson. To date it is the most important symbol of liberty. It expresses what the Americans have in their minds and hearts. It was a statement that was adopted by the Continental Congress which had announced that the American colonies had regarded themselves...
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