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Final Exam Assignment: Religion and its Materiality (Essay Sample)


Three essays with 500-800 words
The topic for first two essay need to select from those three topics, the last essay need to write accordingly to the materials in this class, the material name is "The Golden Ass" (Historic materials - Novel by Apuleius).
The essay will be scan through the plagiarism check after submit, so please make sure its original with no plagiarism.

Final Exam
Part I
Religion and its Materiality
Religion plays an important role in the society that you can always discover whenever you visit a community or a household. Every community practices their own religion because it is a part of their cultural identity that seeks to represent their customs and tradition. In this way, there is an underlying process that corresponds with their belief when practicing their respective religion. As you visit a certain household, you will observe that they associate to a certain religious group by observing one distinct material culture. This is the architecture that embraces the norms and practices of an operating institution, which expands their way of associating their belief and traditions. This part of the coursework will be discussing about religious material that specifically represents the culture of a certain religion, associating three separate civilizations.
The three civilizations are Islam, Roman Pantheon, and Buddhism. These three religions contribute to the generation of its material culture by materializing their faith into a reality. Every generation, religious belief translates their faith by constructing a figure in order to create a material that symbolizes their faith. The details of the material are based on the intricate custom that follows a certain pattern to correspond with their customs and traditions in relation to their religious belief. By just looking at the architectural masterpieces of a certain community, you will already know that there is a significant relationship between the society’s norms and tradition to their religious affiliation, which is different from other communities (Nongbri, 2013).
The given example about architectural structures represents the ultimate being of the community’s religion. The reason behind is that the architectural material symbolize their Gods who are constructed to provide protection to the community who preaches this particular Supreme Being. The approach is to strengthen the faith of the community towards their religious culture and customs. This is because the architectural empowers the customs and norms of a certain group who belong to a religious faith. Examples of these structures are churches, figures, effigies, wall structure, exterior designs, and interior decorations that best represents a cultural heritage of a certain religion.
As a tradition, the architectural structure represents detailed historical values that remind the modern society regarding the past practices of religions. This is because the presence of an artistic representation of architectural design that represented a certain time from the past that detailed about the practices and symbols of each religious group that comprise their religious belief and practices during that particular time. This is because the materials used for the construction of architectural structures are based from the carbon details that were used by our past ancestors for consistently strengthening their faith where they pass it to the present generation (Harrison, 2015).
To wrap up with the discussion, both example such as the architectural structure and the tradition applied generally for as long as they share common interest with each other. The practice is limited to one civilization because there are certain societies around the world who are maximizing their religious culture to preserve their tradition. Each culture is unique, having a certain religious practice that is distinct to their community and different from other societies. This practice currently run for a long period of time unless there will be a global disruption of cultures such as massive conflict. An example of a conflict responsible for causing a disruption of culture is war, in which it disrupts a certain culture due to the widespread atrocities that could wipe out a...
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