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Religion and Colonies: Differences (Essay Sample)


William Penn called his colony a “holy experiment.” Why did William Penn believe his colony was different from the other English colonies?
It's not an MLA format. Basically I only two paragraphs: one is comparing the RELIGION between Pennsylvania colony and the Virginia colony( I will upload the recourse. But you don't have to use it, just writing about people established VA colony was not for freedom of religion), and another one is a conclusion paragraph which responded to the question above(basically that Pennsylvania has religious freedom for people who believed in God). It doesn't need work citation. Contact me if any question. Thank you so much!!!


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Religion and Colonies
William Penn used the phrase “holy experiment” to refer to his colony since his primary objective was to ensure that Quakers sought refuge in the region. In particular, Penn believed that his territory would be different from others. One of the things that made the “holy experiment” colony to be unique is that of ensuring fairness for Native Americans. Based on the letter that Penn wrote, he said that he did not want the region to be governed by any laws. Residents were the ones to choose what is right or wrong. Moreover, Penn’s colony fostered the freedom of religion, education, and work for all individuals.
The colonies of Virginia and Pennsylvania had significant difference

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